Vighnaharta Ganesh Episode 6 30 September 2020

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Vighnaharta Ganesh Episode 6 – Crow, you cannot fly till Kailash. I need to travel there on foot. I will soon return by just taking a glance at Lady Parvati’s son. ‘Lord Shani, do not do anything that would put. Lady Parvati’s son’s life at stake.

Keep him away from your site. The entire heaven is rejoicing at his sight. Only you are deprived of his sight. ‘ If I just take a small glance, I wonder what harm can be caused to that charming boy! What is the matter, dear? I have no idea, Mother.

There seems to be a sudden growling in my stomach. You are feeling hungry, dear. I was so elated by your birth that I forgot to feed you. ‘Lady Kamdhenu. ‘ Greetings to all the Goddesses. ‘Mahadev, our son is going to have his first.

intake of food today. Where are you, Lord?. I understand your agony, Lady Parvati. Even I wish that My Lord brings Mahadev soon. ‘ My Lord, Bholenath, is compelled to stay among these sinful and immoral demons. I will surely punish Gajasura for this.

Give up your anger, Nandi. And forget the thoughts of waging war with him. What is the need to use a weapon when you can carry out the same task using a straw? ‘I wonder why Lord Hari has disguised like this!’ How do I look, Nandi? Lord, how do I understand your illusion? I am just aware that you are capable of doing anything. You can disguise as anyone for the welfare of the world, Lord.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

Even you need to sing today for the welfare of the world, Nandi. I hope, your voice is as sweet as your anger. ‘I am ready to do anything for Lord Bholenath’s sake. I mean it. ‘ – “Praise Lord Mahadev. ” “Praise Lord Mahadev. ” Blessed are you, Lord, and blessed is your illusion. ‘Lord Bholenath, return soon or else, I wonder what all. your friend, Lord Vishnu, will make me do. ‘ Lord Vishnu, as opposed to Nandi, art runs in my blood.

Greetings, Lady Kamdhenu. You are the divine mother of all the cows. You are the symbol of the continuity of life and prosperity. Do permit me to satisfy my son’s hunger with your holy milk. Goddess, You made me feel blessed by invoking me for this auspicious task. Mother, let us go. Fine. Let us go. Goddess, my milk will serve as food to your charming son. I feel blessed. Do not hesitate to think of me whenever you need me in the future.

Vighnaharta Ganesh
Vighnaharta Ganesh

I shall take your leave, Goddess. It seems that Goddess Parvati is so charmed by her son’s love that she forgot that even we are here. But it is not her fault. It is natural for a mother to get charmed by a son’s affection. I think we should leave them alone now. ‘So pure!. So white!. I am sure, the sweet-smelling milk will be very tasty too. ‘

Hail Lord Ganesh, the dispeller of troubles!” “Hail Lord Ganesh, the dispeller of troubles!” This milk will make you powerful like your father. Really, Mother? Then give me some more. You will meet your father soon. Amazing. Your dance is an alluring, beautiful lady. The conqueror of the three realms, Gajasura is impressed by your dance. Liquor. ‘Evil demon, Lord Bholenath. will soon be released from your confinement. ‘

Goddess Rohini. Dear, you are here. You are insulting me, your husband. Am I insulting you? I am trying to grab your attention but you are lost in the music. Dear, there’s this handsome child who has mesmerized me.

The radiance on his face matches yours. His eyes are like the shining stars in the sky. His sweet smile is captivating and so is his speech and intelligence. Everything is enchanting, dear.

But who is this incredible child? He is the son of Goddess Parvati. He has impressed us all. He’s amazingly adorable. I feel, as he grows up he will become more charming and handsome than you. ‘I am considered the most handsome among all Gods. It’s surprising to know. that a child is more handsome and alluring than I am. ‘ It’s dusk. It’s better if I wait and go when it’s dark so that no one notices me. Wait! You.

Nothing escapes from me. I very well know who you are. I am sure that you are here to entertain me. What’s there to delay? Please start your act. ‘Where is this light coming from?. Oh, it’s Lord Chandra. ‘ Goddess Rohini was right.

Vighnaharta Ganesh Episode 6

I have never seen such a divine form of a child. Lord Chandra, please tone down the light. Let him sleep. ‘It will be wrong for me. to enter the edifice without permission. Apparently, I’ll have to hide and go from the rear. then, look into the chamber for Goddess Parvati’s son. ‘ Thanks to God Chandra his light will help me find him.

‘If you do not listen to what I say, I’ll curse you. Anyone you lay eyes on, except me. will be doomed to destruction. – It is a warning. I should not take another step forward. If something bad happens due to my evil eye. I can never forgive myself. Even if I could convince myself, how do I save myself? from Goddess Parvati’s fury?. I am scared of just imagining it. I will look at him from a distance. I

won’t go near him. How do I see him now?. His face is covered with Goddess Parvati’s sari. Perhaps this is good. My evil eye might make this boy fall in trouble. Perhaps this is destiny. ‘ Lord Shani! – Lord Chandra! Where are you going? You have not seen the boy yet. I have tried my best, Lord Chandra. But the boy is asleep. His face is covered with Goddess Parvati’s sari. It is not advisable to wake him up to see his face. Anyway, I have an ominous sight.

Vighnaharta Ganesh Episode 2 26 September 2020

The outcome of my sight is destructive. Lord Shani the boy is awake now. He is playing with water. You don’t want your evil eye to have an effect on him, do you? My rays will help generate his reflection in the water. You can take a look at that. By doing this, the boy will be safe from your evil eye. ‘Everyone will look away from Shani. How will you work around this world?’ Thank you, Lord Chandra.

It is a great suggestion. I would have no problem in looking at his reflection. ‘Only if the water is still, I can see the boy’s reflection. Yes, it is visible now. What Devarshi said is absolutely true. Vighnaharta Ganesh

This boy has a charismatic personality. What a cherishing smile!. His teeth will shine like pearls. His eyes twinkle like stars in the sky. This boy is exceptional and extraordinary. I was able to glance at his winsome face. He has such a unique. and a divine face!. However, my heart is not satisfied. by taking just one look at his face. My heart will only be content. when I can see him completely. . What disaster did I bring upon him!’

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