Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 33 (5 November 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 33 (5 November 2020)

November 5, 2020 189 Views

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 33– I have my eyes on you, boy. You are my aim.’ My new toys are so beautiful. It would have been so much fun if these could talk to me. ‘Dear, I can talk to you.’ This one is actually talking. Wow! I saw a similar statue like this one in the forest. I really liked it. I would have taken it, but.. ‘I liked you too.’ ‘That is why I am here.’ This is good. My grandparents brought you to me. You can speak, but can you walk as well? ‘Yes, I can walk.

Then, walk! Wow! So, I am sure that you can dance too. ‘Silly boy!’ ‘I am Vajrantak, the destroyer of peace.’ ‘I am a deadly demon.’ ‘I am not a toy who you can play with.’ ‘But I will have to do what it takes’ ‘to trap you.’ ‘Yes, I can dance.’ ‘Look!’ ‘You know what? I can even fly.’ Really? Can you fly? – ‘Yes.’ Will you fly for me? ‘Come with me. I will fly for you.’ Okay. Let us go. – ‘Yes, come.’ ‘Come on.’

Once we are away from the palace’ ‘I will make you fly away, after which you will never return.’ Hey, listen, my friend. At least tell me how you will fly with this body of yours. Wait, my friend. Answer my question. Hold on. Stop. What is the hurry? I am with you too. Hey! He can even become large in size. Perhaps, he can fly too. Amazing! Great! This is going to be fun.

‘Do you believe now that I can fly?’ Yes, my friend. – ‘Come, then.’ ‘Let us fly in the skies.’ Yes, let us go and fly in the skies. It is going to be fun. ‘Come.’ Wow! My grandparents have given me a wonderful toy. I will enjoy flying in the sky. But remember, my friend. I will have to return soon. – ‘Do not worry.’ ‘This is the last journey of your life.’ ‘When your life will end, there will be no worries.’ What is this? Hey! Careful! I am falling.

We are falling! You had said that we will fly. ‘We will. We will fly.’ ‘Get ready to die.’ I see! So, you are playing, my friend! Wow! I am enjoying it! Hey, why did you stop going downwards? It was fun. Well, it is good. We should head home now. We can fly next time. I did not bring you here to take you back home. Why have you brought me here? – To kill you.

‘So, he is not a friend, but a foe’ ‘who brought me here by deceit.’ ‘I made a mistake again. I was not alert.’ ‘Before going for a bath, mother warned me’ ‘to be careful.’ ‘But in my excitement, I forgot my mother’s teaching.’ ‘But I remember another teaching of the mother.’ ‘If you face your fears, your fear vanishes.’ ‘Dear, a person’s courage and fearlessness’ ‘overpowers his doubts and fears.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 33

Hence, no matter what you fear’ ‘the only way to overcome it is to stay firm’ and face it.’ How do I face him now?’ ‘Yes, I got it.’ “Lord Ganesha, the eradicator of sorrow..” My friend, you should have told me if you wanted to kill me. Why did you make such efforts? Why? Why not? You are with me. I shall kill you. I will destroy you for good. That is where you err, my friend.

If you insist, I shall tell you. Err? How? Tell me, quick. My life is secure, somewhere else. If you had told me, I would have brought it along. ‘Where is his life, if not with him?’ ‘He is trying to trick me in order to get away from me.’ What happened? What are you thinking? Hey! We will find out very soon if your life is inside your body or not. When I kill you! That would be a big mistake.

If you kill me, then who will tell you where my life is? He is right. ‘This boy is extraordinary.’ ‘If he could trick the trickster Vishnu’ ‘and if the demon king Sindhura has sent me to kill him’ ‘then there has to be something extraordinary about him.’ ‘I will have to keep him safe for now.’ Hey, tell me where your life is if not in your body. Now you are talking sense.

I do not remember clearly but perhaps, my father hid my life on that mountain. Right there, below. Yes, right there. ‘If his life is on that mountain’ ‘then I will destroy that mountain.’ Yes, go ahead, my friend. Take my life. ‘This boy’s life was nowhere on this mountain.’ ‘This means, he tricked me again.’ ‘Well, I should not fall for this boy’s words.’ Hey, you! Where is your life? Tell me! Do not try to fool me.Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 33

What are you saying? I am a mere child. How can I fool you? You are what you are. I mean, it is someone else who created you. Just like my mother created me someone must have created you too. Tell me. Who created you? – God must have created me. Oh! Then you will have to ask God. But.. What did you say? Why did God make you a fool? I do not believe in God! I oppose Him! You do not know who I am! The deadly mighty demon! So, you are a demon.

What does that mean? You do not believe in the one who created you? I respect my mother a lot. I have a suggestion. Go get some sense. Start believing in God. You will not remain a demon then nor will you be a fool. Mother. Mother. Mother. Who called me? – What is this, Mother? You were sleeping? You were supposed to put my son to sleep. I thought you would give me a hand after that.

His naming ceremony is tomorrow. We have a lot to do. We have a lot of arrangements to make. I will not say anything, dear but I was tired after the long journey. And hence, you fell asleep. It is okay, Mother, but at least tell me where my son is. He is. Hey! Where did he go? He was right here. Do you not know where he is? Dear.

Dear! Dear! Dear, where are you? Keep quiet, boy! I am not a fool to not understand that you are trying to trick me with your words. All I want to know is where your life is. You are lost already. You are confused while trying to look for my life. Listen. As for my life, I was certain that my father must have hidden it on that mountain. Hey! Think before you speak! Tell me, where is your life? Or else.

– Or what? Will you kill me? I know that. But only if you find my life. Hold on. I will tell you where it is. Tell me! – Yes, I remember. My life is on that mountain. It is right there. Come on. Take it. You said the same before as well. How do I believe that your life is on that mountain? You know Nandi and his horns, right? Hey, you! Why are we talking about Nandi now? Hey! Just as Nandi’s horns do you see those two cliffs? Yes, but.. – No ifs and buts. Father told me that he hid my life on a similar mountain. ‘Perhaps, he is sure this time.’

‘But, how do I believe him?’ I got it. You are wondering if I am trying to fool you again. You have no choice but to believe me. If your life is not on this mountain then you shall see the worst of me! I know, you are the worst anyway. Come on now, take my life. ‘This is a good lesson for this demon.’ ‘I will fly at such speed that the mountain will collapse’ ‘with just a bump of mine.’ ‘And I will find his life.’

“When Ganesh acted wisely” “he managed to fool Vajrantak.” “He kept breaking mountains.” “This made Ganesh giggle.” Hey, you! I destroyed this mountain as well. But I do not see your life. Tell me quickly. Where is it? I have been looking for it too. I am certain that it must be around. Keep moving. Forgive me. It seems you made all those efforts needlessly. This does not seem like that mountain either. Perhaps, I made a mistake again.

Did you actually make a mistake or are you trying to deceive me every time? You are getting angry for no reason. I am a child. Hence, it is difficult to remember things. Anyway, all mountains look alike. But I am certain that my life is on one of these mountains. ‘So, his life is not over here either.’ ‘I do not care about which mountain your life is hidden.’ ‘I will destroy all the mountains and find it somehow.’

‘What is this?’ ‘If this continues, I might get into trouble.’ ‘How did the fire douse?’ ‘Who released the cool breeze?’ ‘Wow! Such speed! This is so much fun!’ ‘Wow! ‘I am wounded, but not defeated.’ ‘I will kill him for sure.’ Hey, you! Enough of these games. Now tell me where your life is. I told your father has hidden it somewhere around. It is on one of these mountains.

My mother is very concerned about me. I do not know which mountain it is. All mountains look similar, after all. I will destroy all the mountains! I want your life! As you wish. Keep moving. ‘This is fun.’ Dear, are you around? Come out quickly. He is not over here. Mother, do not worry. Do you remember what I told you? My son is very curious to know about the world.

One tends to get curious at this age but where could his curiosity take him at this hour of the night? I am wondering the same. But I am certain that he must be around. Let me send Nandi to look for him. Hey! I looked everywhere. Your life is not here. You will find it, I am sure. You know whose son I am, right? Tell me. Silly boy! I am not a fool! I know. – What did you just say! You mean, I am a fool! You said that yourself.

I never said anything. I only asked you a question. Listen, you! I know that you are Lord Shiva and Lady Parvati’s son. But what does that have to do with all this? Why are you lying and tricking me every time? I am not tricking you. How can you find the life of Lord Shiva and Lady Parvati so easily? You will have to make some more efforts.

My mother says that the ones who work hard surely find life. I mean, success. Come on, let us look once again. If I do not find it this time then I will take you along. Come on, demon! I am sure you will be successful this time. ‘You cannot get away this time.’ ‘I have had enough of your games.’

‘Where is he taking me?’ ‘Your death is certain!’ ‘Is my son in trouble?’

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