Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 32 (4 November 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 32 (4 November 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 32- I do not want to interfere but. How did an innocent child manage to go out of this palace? My grandchild. Where did he go? ‘I am such an irresponsible mother.’ ‘I do not even know where my son is.’ ‘I am feeling so anxious.’ Parvati. ‘Where could he have gone?’ ‘Is he in danger?’ ‘What do I do now?’ ‘I can see the worry in my mother’s eyes.’ Uma.

An agitated mind gives rise to worries and worries make our mind even more agitated which further gives rise only to despair and despair leads us to failure. So, Gauri, calm down and you will certainly find a solution. Your son, who has been created from your good thoughts embodies auspiciousness. He must be around. Nandi, go and find him. He is a child. He must not have gone too far. All right, My Lord. ‘These soothing words have made me calm, My Lord.’

‘My child, come back this instant.’ ‘Your mother is worried about you.’ Aunt. Uncle. I will have to go now. My mother must be worried about not finding me there. I shall come again. I came here because I felt like it. I came here without informing anyone. So, I would like to take your leave now. Goodbye, Uncle. Goodbye, Aunt. Blessed be, my child. Mother, my son is mischievous and inquisitive. However, he is obedient as well. He does not understand the world.

So, how would he know what danger is? Mother, I may be distraught but I also have a feeling that he is safe regardless of where he is and that he will come back soon. Mother. You are looking for me, are you not, Mother? “All hail Lord Ganesha..” Yes, my child. Where did you go? All right. Come before me now. ‘I will not say anything but where was he?’ ‘But I am thankful that he is back.’ ‘I am eager to see and meet him.’ ‘Why is he hiding from us?’ Trunk, you first.

“Hail Lord Ganesha.” “Hail the big-bellied Lord..” ‘Is he Parvati’s son?’ ‘Is he my grandson? But he is..’ ‘I do not want to say anything but..’ “Lord Ganesha! Lord Ganesha!” “The Remover of Obstacles, Lord Ganesha.” Mother, I am back. “Lord Ganesha! Lord Ganesha!” “The Remover of Obstacles, Lord Ganesha..” Mother, I am back. Mother. Father. Thank goodness that he came back on his own. Otherwise, we would not have found him.

‘A child with the head of an elephant!’ ‘I will not say anything about this but..’ ‘Do not say anything, Maina.’ ‘Otherwise, the child will feel hurt.’ My child. My son. My child, where did you go? Looking for you had left me agitated. Mother, I had gone to the heavenly realm to meet my aunt and uncle. I could hear Aunt Saraswati playing the veena and uncle reciting the Vedas. I could not stop myself.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 32

I have told you several times not to go anywhere without informing someone first. Oh, dear! Mother is angry. Mother. Looks like I have made mother angry again. Even I am hurt as my mother is upset with me. My child. I am your grandfather. In other words, I am your mother’s father. And this is her mother. She is your grandmother. Greetings, Grandmother. ‘Never had I imagined that someone like him’ ‘would be my grandchild.’ Greetings to you as well, Grandfather.

How do I endure the agony that my mother is upset with me? I will have to mollify her. ‘I will not say anything about this’ ‘but I had thought that he would be a normal child’ ‘not a strange-looking child with an elephant’s head.’ ‘Maina is getting uncomfortable’ ‘and this can hurt the sensitive child.’ ‘I have to do something.’

My child, just look at what your grandparents have brought for you as presents. Look, my child. We have brought such beautiful apparel and ornaments with us. All these have been handpicked for you by your grandmother. ‘Where is the mother?’ ‘Is she so upset that she won’t ever come back?’ What is it, dear? Did you not like these gifts? These gifts are very beautiful, Grandfather.Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 32

But, while the mother is angry and upset with me How can I appreciate any form of beauty? That really is a big problem. But I have the solution for it. If you show all these toys to your mother Parvati her anger might dissipate a little bit. Yes. That will be appropriate. I shall go right away to persuade my mother. Father and son both don’t care about me. Then why should I be the one to worry? Go. Wherever you want, whenever you want. I don’t care. Anything I say is useless.

I have warned him enough times to stay close. Don’t go anywhere without telling me. But why would he care? “Don’t be upset with me, show me your smile.” “Forgive my mistake.” “Don’t be upset with me, show me your smile.” “Forgive my mistake.” “Let it go now, forgive me.” “I am a part of you, mother.” “I am your shadow.” “You are my mother, I am your son.” “My world resides, by your side.” “You are my mother, I am your son.” “I am your son.”

“The earth and the sky are upset because you are upset.” “The toys are upset, the Kailash mountain is upset.” “Show me your smile, let go of your anger.” “Please break your silence.” “Pat my head with love.” “Forgive my mistake.” “Let it go now, forgive me.” “I am a part of you, mother.” “I am your shadow.” “You are my mother, I am your son.” “I am your son.” “How do I stay upset with you?” “You are a part of me, just like life is in oxygen.”

“When you laugh, the sky laughs with you.” “I became joyful when I had you.” “Call me your son affectionately.” “Forgive my mistake.” “Let it go now, forgive me.” “You are a part of me, you are my shadow.” “I am your mother, you are my son.” “You are my son.” Queen Mena, love for one’s offspring is not decided by the form or appearance. Because children complete the life of their parents.

A good child is one who completes his duties towards his parents. One who doesn’t upset their parents. One who takes care of them. And our grandson. Our grandson is so careful of his mother’s feelings at such a tender age. And, mother, look at this we can play sports with this toy. Son, it is way past your bedtime. But you went to the abode of Brahma. Come on now, take some rest. Go to sleep, peacefully. I tried sleeping a lot, Mother.

But I am not sleepy at all. All right then, I’ll sing you to sleep. And then you will feel sleepy. All right, Mother. But you will have to close your eyes. – Yes. Mother, I did not do anything. I was just trying to sleep. That was Mr. Trunk, he did it. You are so naughty, son. What do I do with you? How do I put you to sleep? I won’t say anything but I am his grandmother. I will put him to sleep.

What do you say, dear, would you like to spend some time with your grandmother? Yes, Grandmother, I have so many toys. Both of us will play with them together. It will be so much fun. He has no intention of resting or sleeping. Now you take care of him. I’ll go and tell Mahadev that everything is fine here. I shall accompany you, dear. I am the bed of thorns. I am Vajrantak. I have reached here. Soon I shall kill that child. “Come on, dear sleep, don’t be fickle.”

“The exhaustion of the day shows in the eyes. The bed and the bed sheet everyone is looking for you.” “But since you have decided to be elusive.” “Come on, dear sleep, don’t be fickle.” “My boy’s eyes are awake..” – Grandmother. Pat me softly, please. I will never be able to sleep like this. I won’t say anything, dear, but don’t teach me how to put a child to sleep. When your mother refused to sleep I used to put her to sleep just like this.

Oh, was she also always eager to play with her toys? No, dear, she used to be immersed in your father’s devotion since childhood. She always used to talk about him. Mahadev this, Mahadev that. Yes, my mother is great. Yes, your mother is great. And greater than she is her husband, Mahadev. And you are great too. But, dear, now shut your mouth. And sleep quietly. Oh, these toys. Grandmother came after traveling a long distance. She must be very tired.

A grandmother is finally asleep. Now she actually won’t say anything. Such a weird thing. Grandmother says she won’t say anything and yet she goes on talking. But if that doesn’t harm anyone then there is nothing wrong with it. But what do I do? I’m not feeling sleepy. Such a beautiful sight. All my toys are illuminated by the moonlight. As if they are beckoning me to play with them. I must go. How can I upset them? ‘Come closer, child.’ ‘Come closer.’

‘Today your death is certain. Come near me, come closer. You won’t be able to escape from Vajrantak. Today I will complete Sindura’s task’ by killing you.

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