Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 31 (3 November 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 31 (3 November 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 31– Give it to me, dear. You won’t be getting this conch, Lord Narayana. My conch! The conch is gone. Into my stomach. Son. You swallowed down such a big conch. What shall I do now? If I don’t do anything his breathing will be interrupted. What shall I do now? ‘Mother seems worried.’ You need not worry, Mother. Have a look at me. I’m all hale and hearty. I’m fine. It seems that this stupid kid will be dying soon enough. I won’t have to put any extra effort into it.

Lord Narayana. What will you do now? Your conch is in my stomach. ‘Nothing happened to this kid.’ ‘It seems like my conch is in trouble.’ Brother. Even you started behaving like a kid along with him. He was playing with it. He would’ve returned it back to you. Now see what he did. What shall we do now? I-I’ll hit him on his back. What? You’ll hit my son for this one conch? No. Goddess. I won’t hit him. I’ll. Goddess.

Goddess, if he coughs then the conch will definitely be out of his stomach. Yes. This will be fine. Son. Blow out your breath. Child. Have a look at it. This way. Nandi. I have an even better solution for this. If we make this child vomit then the conch will be out of his system in a few moments. Vomit? – Son. Try and vomit. Quickly. Child. This way. Okay? Hey. This is useless. Listen to me. If we hang him upside down. Then the conch will be out of his system on its own. Child.

Please get this conch out of your system or else.. ‘I’ve figured out what to do.’ ‘What’s Lord Narayana about to do?’ “Curved trunk. Huge body.” “He’s the radiance of the Sun.” “Wealthy and accomplished he is.” “Lord Ganesh is the problem solver.” “Numerous names. Worshipped first.” “You’re the most important.” “Wealthy and accomplished he is.” What’s this, Lord? “Lord Ganesh is the problem solver.” “The one who runs the world and takes care of everyone.”

“Today Goddess Parvati is helpless” “even with her intellect.” “Lord Narayana does sit-ups in front of her.” “All the Gods and Goddesses witness the scenario.” “Seeing all this Lord Ganesh starts laughing.” “Then the conch was recovered from his system.” “Curved trunk. Huge body.” “He’s the radiance of the Sun.” “Wealthy and accomplished he is.” “Lord Ganesh is the problem solver.” “Hail, Lord.” “Hail, Lord.” “Hail, Lord.” My conch.

Is everything okay? I hope there was no problem in getting this out. No. “Lord Ganesh, the problem solver.” “Lord Ganesh is the Almighty.” “Lord Ganesh, the problem solver.” “Lord Ganesh.” “Hail, Lord Ganesh.” “Hail, Lord Ganesh.” “Hail, Lord Ganesh.” Finally, Lord Narayana found a way to get his conch back. How can anybody harm the one who has an abundant amount of elixir in his system?

Goddess Parvati is worried for no reason. The saliva of Goddess Parvati’s son is Elixir. Okay. After this game, today executed by Lord Narayana we got to learn a very important lesson. That how should we distract our kids. Enough. I hope you’re happy now. You finally got your conch back. Nandi. Quickly go and get some water for my son. Okay, Goddess. It was so much fun, Lord Narayana. I liked your concha lot.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 31

Next when I visit you. I shall play with it again. Of course, dear. Why not. – No. There’s no need for that. You need not instigate my son’s mischiefs. What if he again swallows your conch? But.. What’s my mistake in it? Let’s go now. It was enough for the day. Now you’ve to sleep and relax your body, dear. Yes. That’s correct, Mother. We need to entertain kids. I accept this. But Narayana started behaving like a kid himself along with you. He gave the conch to you.

If he had to give something. He could’ve given something else to play with. Even I’ll get a lot of things for my son to play with. “Lord Ganesh gets back to his Mother’s lap.” Mother. Why are these colorful clothes kept here? Son. Your aunt has got all those clothes for you. Aunt? Yes, son. Goddess Saraswati is your father’s sister. That’s how she’s your aunt. And Her husband, Lord Brahma, is your uncle.

Mother, that means, we have other relatives as well? Yes, dear. We have other relatives as well. Go to bed now. Mother. Yes, dear. You did not tell me one thing. Where do the aunt and uncle stay? In the realm of Brahma, dear. Where else? Go to sleep now. I see. Realm of Brahma. I have to go there. Where is the sound of celebration coming from? Parvati, come quickly. Your parents, King Himavat and Queen Maina have come. They have come to Kailash here.Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 31

You have come, Mother! Greetings, Father. I have come to see you, dear. And I saw everything after coming here. I will not say anything but I can see it. Son-in-law is always meditating. And he has never taken interest in household work. And you are entrusted with all the responsibilities here. No, Mother. Yes. I understood. I will not say anything. A grandmother is the happiest person when her grandson takes birth. How could have I waited for more? Come, Mother.

‘It is the right time. The child is alone.’ ‘He is sleeping.’ I will not say anything but tell me, dear. Where is my grandson? I am excited to meet him. Get him. Yes, dear. Your mom wants to meet her grandson give him gifts and pamper him. Jaya, Vijaya. Get my son here. Mother, why did you bring all this? Dear, I will meet my grandson for the first time. I have the right to shower my affection for him.

I will not say anything but I want my grandson to have everything that a child from the royal family shall possess. That is why I have brought all these new clothes and many types of toys for him. Let him come. Dear, get up. See. Someone has come over from a long distance to meet you. After troubling everyone all day by your mischiefs you are sleeping soundly. Wait, I will wake you up.

Jaya, Vijaya. Where is my son? He does not know his grandparents. Maybe, that is why he is hesitating to come here. Is it not? That is why, he did come, right? Wait. I will go and get my son here. But, Parvati. Your son is not there in his room. And we searched him in the entire house. But, he is not there. But, how is that possible? He is not there in his room? And he is not in the house either.

Where can a kid go? This is shocking. Where did the child go all of a sudden? Let me search here. He was wandering here only earlier as well. “Hail Lord Ganesh.” I did not find it necessary to bring you out, child. “Hail Lord Ganesh..” Wow. He got trapped in my plan. You came to your death. ‘Come, boy. Come.’ ‘Come to your own death.’ ‘Tak taka talk task’. ‘Vajrantak is eager’ ‘to strangle you and kill you.’ ‘Come closer.’ ‘Come, boy.’

What is this darkness? This boy’s life had to turn into darkness. Death had to come to him. But this darkness had blurred my vision. The darkness has cleared. My vision has become clear. ‘Tak taka’. Where did this boy go now? Did he disappear into thin air or did the earth swallow him? He cannot go very far in such a short span. ‘Tak taka’.

The saddest of all. I am Vajrantak. ‘Lord Brahma, it looks like’ ‘You have stopped thinking.’ ‘I can kill both of You right now if I want.’ ‘I can destroy the realm of Brahma.’ What is bothering the creator of the universe today? Lord, why are You disturbed due to which You are not able to focus on Your meditation? Your disturbed mind may create an imbalance in the universe and cause problems. You are right, Goddess. My mind is not at peace. But. But do not say anything, Lord Brahma.

Lord Brahma, do not say anything because the music of my ‘Veena’ will help Your mind to calm down. Ganesh, you are here. Lord, look who has come to meet us. Parvati’s son himself has come. Greetings, Lord Brahma. God bless you, Ganesh. Greetings, Goddess. God bless you. Goddess, Your ‘Veena’ has such a sweet and pleasant sound. Can you teach me how to play ‘Veena’? Sure, Ganesh. Do not hesitate. Play music as you like.

You will learn quickly. And I am sure that you will play a better piece of music than me. This ‘Veena’ has such a sweet sound. I am enjoying this. Beautiful. Very beautiful, Ganesh. You have been blessed with the gift of music. Goddess, I do not know about the blessing. But I am enjoying this a lot. Can I play some more music on your ‘Veena’? Sure. You are playing such good music. Why did you stop? Continue playing music. You will like it even more.

Play it. ‘His music is very sweet and heart-warming.’ Amazing. Unbelievable. This boy is surely a form of some divine power. “Shree Ganesh.” “Shree Ganesh.” “The problem solver, Shree Ganesh.” “Shree Ganesh.” “Shree Ganesh.” “The problem solver, Shree Ganesh.” ‘That boy cannot escape from my clutches anymore.

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