Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 30 (2 November 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 30 (2 November 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 30– Yes! Uncle’s conch! Uncle’s conch! Uncle’s conch is with me! Uncle’s conch is with me! ‘My conch is being blown in Kailash.’ Oh, yes. This is the sound of your conch, my Lord. So, did Parvati’s son take your conch along? But, I am wondering how this happened, after all. You were not meditating. Moreover, you are good with children. Parvati’s son was very polite to you. He even obeyed you and sat next to you, quietly.

Then, how did he manage to get your conch? Now hurry up, my Lord, and bring your conch back from your nephew in Kailash. Or else, he will keep blowing your conch. My Lady, you. – No, my Lord. Never. I will never interfere between the uncle and nephew. All right. So, I will have to do something now. I will have to get the conch from him. I will go. One more thing, my Lord. Be careful. Perhaps, he might not return the conch and grab something else from you, too.

‘It will not be easy to pacify Lady Parvati’s son.’ ‘The one who resolves the complications of the world’ ‘is afraid of a mere child!’ ‘Where did my son go?’ ‘I checked in the palace. He is nowhere.’ ‘Nandi and the others are looking’ ‘for him outside the palace.’ ‘Nandi must have found him by now.’ He is nowhere to be seen. I checked everywhere, but.

But I did not find him. Now, I will have to inform Lady Parvati. Perhaps, I should inform Lord Shiva as well. ‘There he is! I was worried for no reason. He is right here.’ Nandi, he got us all worried! We were busy looking for him everywhere while he was right here, in the garden. He is busy playing. Shringi, is this my illusion? What I see, is it true? The boy is holding Lord Vishnu’s conch, right? I thought it was my illusion too.

But if we both see it, then it must be true, Nandi. Nandi. Who is playing the conch? My Lord, that child. Your son is.. in his hand.. ‘It would be better if Lord Shiva saw it himself.’ “Hail the Lord..” “Hail the Lord..” “Hail the Lord..” – How does he have Lord Vishnu’s conch? My Lord, I feel that your son went to Vaikuntha without letting anyone know. Perhaps, that is how he has Lord Vishnu’s conch.

Greetings, Lord Shiva. Nandi is right. Your son has my conch. He is so playful that I did not even realize when he took my conch. Dear! Give me my conch back! Uncle, you are here! I just met you at your abode, Vaikuntha. Yes, dear, I am here to get my conch back. Return it to me. I am not returning it. I am enjoying playing with it.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 30

‘He is playing with it! What do I do now?’ ‘How do I get my conch back from him?’ Lord Shiva, you are aware of the importance of my conch. Playing with it in this manner would be highly inappropriate. Please ask him to return my conch to me. Lord Vishnu, I am naive. I do not know to pacify a child. You are experienced in this regard. Please pacify him and get your conch back from him. All right, Lord Shiva.

This should not be a difficult task for the Father of the universe. I will go to him and ask for my conch. I am sure he will return it to me. Lord Vishnu, be careful. He is Lord Shiva’s son. He might get adamant too. Perhaps, it might not be that easy to get the conch back from him. Yes! I have an uncle’s conch! I will play with it! I will play with it! I have an uncle’s conch! – Dear. Give me my conch back.

Uncle, if you want your conch back then you will have to catch me first. ‘Perhaps, I will have to become a child myself’ ‘to get the conch back from him.’ “Ganesh ran ahead and Vishnu chased him.” “Vishnu ran after the child to get his conch back.” “This playful sight is delightful and incomparable.” “Lord Shiva and the others watched the scene.” “Hail the Lord..” “Hail the Lord..” The destroyer of peace! I am Vajrantak! I will pose a threat to this child’s life.

Dear, please return the conch to me. Look, Uncle, I can even fling your conch in the air and then catch it! Have a look! Hey! E-Easy, dear. You will fall and so will my conch. I will not return it. What does that mean, my Lord? My Lady, Lord Vishnu obtained the conch during the churning of the ocean. The ocean is the father of Goddess Lakshmi. Hence, Lord Vishnu’s conch is also a sibling of Goddess Lakshmi.Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 30

The conch is a symbol of wealth and prosperity just like her. And Lord Vishnu is running after Parvati’s son to obtain that very conch. Catch me if you can, Uncle! – Dear. I will not return it! – Dear. Dear, hear me out! Return my conch, dear. Catch me, Uncle, and only then will you get your conch! Come, my boy! Step inside the forest. If I hide here, my uncle will not be able to find me. Dear.

Where are you, dear? Dear! My trunk, let us play a game with uncle! Dear.. – Catch me! Catch me, Uncle! This boy! The one with an elephant’s face! Sindhura, the King of demons, sent me to kill him? I will not return it. I will not return my uncle’s conch. But uncle is not to be seen. How else can I play with this? I feel the presence of someone. As if someone is behind me.

Is it uncle? Let me see. There is no one here. What is this statue doing here? It is beautiful, though. ‘Yes, pick me up!’ ‘Then you will know who I am’ ‘and what I am capable of.’ ‘You will know what I am going to do to you.’ Wow! It will be fun playing with this statue. ‘You cannot play with me.’ ‘Instead, I will play with you.’ Uncle.

‘This evil boy threw me away!’ I will not give it to you! Come and get me! ‘His attention got diverted from me.’ ‘He is running again.’ ‘Lord Vishnu!’ ‘I better stay away from Lord Vishnu!’ ‘He is around.’ ‘If he spots me, then my end is inevitable.’ ‘He will kill me for sure.’ ‘I can feel the presence of someone here.’

‘How did trouble arise here?’ ‘I will have to hold my breath and stay still’ ‘or the situation could become deadly for me.’ What is the matter, Uncle? Are you tired of running? Come and get me! Lady Lakshmi, this playful boy did not make you run a lot. He is making me run all around Kailash. I wonder when I will be able to get him. Dear! The destroyer of peace! I am Vajrantak! I will definitely kill this boy when he will be all alone.

That would be the perfect opportunity for me to attack and kill this boy. Parvati, where are you going in such haste? Jaya, Vijaya, I have to go meet my brother Lord Vishnu to decide on the day when my son’s naming ceremony is to be held. I will not return it! Catch me if you can! You need not go anywhere to meet Lord Vishnu, Parvati. He is right here, in Kailash.

Catch me, Uncle! Catch me if you want your conch! “Hail Ganesh..” “Hail Lord Ganesh.” “Hail Ganesh..” Catch me! Catch me, Uncle! I have an uncle’s conch! Uncle’s conch! Look what I have, Mother. Uncle’s conch! Dear. Parvati, your son has taken my conch. I will not return it. I have an uncle’s conch! I have an uncle’s conch! I will not return it. I will not return it. Dear. Catch me, Uncle.

Catch me if you want your conch! Dear. I will not return it. I will not return the conch. Look, my Lady! Just as he took Chandra from Lord Shiva the other day similarly, he took Lord Vishnu’s conch today! My Lady, your son even went to Vaikuntha without letting anyone know. That is where he got Lord Vishnu’s conch from. Look, he refuses to return it to him now. Dear.. – Parvati.

My Lady, let Lord Vishnu make some more efforts. He knows how to handle children. Let us see how he handles this child. Catch me! Catch me! How much longer do I have to wait? Stop playing now, evil boy! Dear. Dear, give me my conch back. I will not, Uncle. Catch me first. ‘I became a child in his company.’ ‘But since I could not get my conch from him that way’ ‘let me try as an adult.’

I have an uncle’s conch! I have an uncle’s conch! Let me hide somewhere. But, where did the uncle go? You will have to return my conch now, dear. Dear, I am the Father of the universe. I am one of the three Lords. And hence, it is not that easy to trick me. You are Parvati’s son. You are my nephew. But remember, I am your uncle. ‘I see. But’ ‘you will still not get the conch, Uncle.’ Give it to me, dear.

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