Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 29 (1 November 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 29 (1 November 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 29 Mother, I have even taken a bath. And I am clean again. I am feeling very hungry. I can eat now, right? Certainly, dear. Sweet fruits! Dear, intake the food slowly and carefully. Do not worry, beloved. He is still a boy. He will imbibe the right values eventually. Yes, My Lord. But a boy receives the values from his parents. I am his mother. Hence, I need to instill the right values in him from now itself.

Dear, if you try to eat a large quantity of food in a haste, your body will not be able to digest it properly. And you will fall ill. You will end up with a stomach-ache. Hence, have it slowly. – All right, Mother. Mother, where his aunt’s abode? The same place where your uncle, Lord Harinarayan dwells. In Vaikuntha. Vaikunt! I must visit that place. And then. And then. – And then, what, beloved? And then Ganesh sprayed water on everyone. Everyone got drenched.

He got Jaya and Vijaya wet numerous times. They had to change to dry clothes numerous times. And do you know, My Lord, what game he was playing all day after which Lady Parvati sent him to take a bath in Kailash? He had taken the crescent moon away from Lord Shiva’s head. Lord Shiva was engrossed in his meditation in such a way that he could not even handle a boy. Yes. He is after all Bholenath.

Had I met my nephew, by seeing his pleasant childhood plays even I would have been greatly delighted? – Uncle! Uncle! Dear! Where are you calling out from? – Uncle, I am here. Kindly, look in this direction. Today, my aunt had brought me these clothes and ornaments. You did not visit. So, I came to meet you, Uncle. Beloved, our nephew has come to meet us.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 29

Will you do not welcome him by offering him food and so on? I have eaten my fill. I was here to just meet you. But, Aunt, do not stop. If you wish to treat me to food I will not disappoint you. Do bring some delicious fruits anyway. I am not hungry. But how can I turn down the love of you two? “Lord Ganesh visited the abode of Vaikuntha.” He seated himself next to Lord Vishnu.

“Goddess Lakshmi brought delicious fruits” “in order to satisfy Lord Ganesh’s hunger.” “Hail Lord Ganesh!” “Hail Lord Ganesh!” Aunt. Why do you have so many gold coins with you? That is because I provide the devotees who please me with their devotion all the luxuries and prosperity and make them happy and rich. Yes, dear. Your aunt makes her devotees affluent with wealth. Hence, the entire world worships her form of the Goddess of wealth.Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 29

Wealth? Wealth? But what’s there in wealth? Dear, this is the first time you have visited our that is your uncle and aunt’s, abode. Hence, you may choose any ornament that you like as a gift. The crown meant for the head or a necklace? Or the bracelet meant to be worn on the wrist? Can I choose anything? Really? Yes, dear. You may choose anything.

“He is the undisputed lord of wisdom and cleverness.” “Today, Ganesh did prove it too.” “He asked Lord Hari for a gift.” “There is no one as clever as Vinayak.” Then I will take my aunt with me. Because she is the source of wealth and prosperity. Kindly come with me, Aunt. Dear, if I come with you who will take care of your uncle? Even this is true. For his sake, you need to stay here. Then.

Then I will take this lotus flower from her hand. Trunk! Yes, it is okay now. Son? Where did he go? Child, you are very naughty! Okay. Uncle, Aunt, I will leave now. Child, give me back my lotus. I won’t give it to you. – Okay, you won’t return it? I will catch you and take it from you. You won’t be able to catch me, Aunt. Really? Aunt, I am here. Son? Son? Where did he go? Where are you, my son? Aunt! Here! Son? I don’t find him anywhere.

Where has he gone? Goddess. Goddess, is there any problem? Nandi, I was in the kitchen. And I haven’t seen my son or heard his voice for quite some time. I came here in search of him but, there is no sign of him here. Don’t worry, Goddess. He must be somewhere here. I will search for him. Son? Where are you? Son? Mom? Here, take this, Aunt. I will have to leave now. Mom is calling me. Uncle, I really liked coming to your house.

Thank you both very much for it! ‘I don’t know where my son is.’ ‘Why hasn’t he returned yet?’ Lord, Parvati’s son is very naughty. He tired me out! Dear, all kids are naughty. But, we must know how to entice them. Now, you saw how Parvati’s son was sitting beside me, calm and graceful. That is how you handle kids. Goddess Lakshmi, this is also a skill! So, you. – But, you don’t have to be sad. It is a very difficult job to handle kids.

Everyone cannot handle them. Now, look at Mahadev. That kid took the moon from under his nose. And Mahadev is so innocent that he didn’t even realize this. But.. – Yes, dear. I know you tried very hard to entice the kid. You offered him various kinds of gifts. But, he was about to take your lotus flower! And he made you run around so much.

Lord, you are as skilled at taking care of kids as you are at destroying demons! So, will you clear my curiosity? – Yes, dear.. As for me whatever you want, without any hesitation. Look, Parvati’s son took the moon from the Lord Mahadev’s head. Then, he took my lotus flower. But, something of yours. Lord, I can’t seem to see your conch! Where did your conch go? ‘Now, I will have to go to Kailash to get my conch.’

Your knowledge will be of no use! I will shake your promise up! This son of yours Sindhura! Brahmadev! I am invincible! No one can finish me! ‘What is this horrible sound?’ This is the sound from Narayan’s conch. But.. Why is this sound coming from Kailash? Uncle Sri Hari Narayan’s conch. Uncle’s conch! He is so far from you. But, it is a surprise to see that you are getting so restless, just be hearing that sound he made from a conch! The omnipotent, king of the demons Sindhura! Call a fierce, scary, powerful elusive demon! Present him in front of me! Who can go to Kailash secretly like a wolf and kill that evil kid! As you command, King of the demons, Sindhura! I have a very suitable elusive demon in my mind for this job! I will present her in front of you very soon! You must be convinced about his illusory powers now.

But what is he up to now? What is he doing? Let go of me! Wretch! How dare you hold me! Let me go! Let me go! No! No! No! Free me, Demon King Sindhura! Set me free! I am your servant! Please have mercy on my old soul! Set me free! Knock! Knock! Knock! I leave everything a wreck! I am Vajrantak! I can assume any size and any form.

I will resort to deceit to attract that lad! I will participate in his play and once I gain control over him I will squash him like a bug! I shall kill him! Let me out! Let me out! First of all, let that old sorceress out! Just order me Demon King Sindhura! I shall not disappoint you! I, hereby, order you to obliterate that child! Uncle’s conch! Uncle’s conch! I have an uncle’s conch! I have an uncle’s conch! ‘The sound of my conch!’ ‘From Mt.

Kailash!’ Oh! It is the sound of Your conch, my Lord! So, did Ganesh take away Your conch? “You are the greatest, Ganesh!” “Everyone bows to thee, Ganesh.

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