Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 28 (31 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 28 (31 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 28– Sweet and fresh fruits. Such juicy fruits are kept here for me! I will eat them all and satiate myself. ‘Why did the mother stop me from eating?’ ‘I am starving.’ My son, look at yourself. You have been playing all day long. You are not allowed to eat till you clean yourself. One should be clean before eating a meal. Cleanliness will keep you healthy. ‘I understand now.’ There you go, Mother. I am clean now. May I eat it? I am hungry.

He is just a boy, Parvati. He will learn gradually. Yes, Mother. I will learn it all gradually. May I eat now? No, my son. Simply wiping your hands is not enough. You can eat only after you take a bath. Come with me, I will give you a bath. Mother, why do I need a bath? I am starving! Please let me eat.

Son, just as you eat to end hunger and provide strength to your body similarly, you need to keep your body and mind clean. A bath will clean your body and freshen your mind, thus preparing you for the day. Once the mind and body are clean the person is healthy. And the thoughts and actions followed are good too. Nandi, arrange for a bath for my son. As you command, my Lady. Come, my son. ‘Now, I have to go for a bath.

Lord Bramha, what happened to Sindhura after he was sent to the netherworld. He met Singhika there. I have got the meal served to me. Such joy! It will be such a joy to prey on him! Leave me be! ‘I have been rendered weak.’ ‘I cannot do anything.’ Leave me be! I am weak. I cannot do anything! Let me go. ‘My son, I grant you’ ‘all the power and wisdom’ ‘to defeat all foes.’ ‘You will be so strong’ ‘that no enemy can harm you.

What is this? What kind of invisible powers is stopping me? Why am I not able to drag him? Get away from me! Did you want to devour me, right? Now, I am going to punish you for it! I will slay you! No. What is the use of using your powers on an old person like me? What do you mean, an old witch? ‘I have to turn his attention away from me’ ‘as soon as possible.

If you really are the lord of all demonic strengths then go and wage a war with the ruler of the netherworld, Gajmukhasur! Defeat him and become the emperor of the demons! I had an inkling when I looked into your eyes that you are hungry for power. If you do what I say you will become the ruler of the netherworld! Old woman takes me to Gajmukhasur! Me? I can’t take you there.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 28

I don’t even want to be anywhere near that evil Gajmukhasur! Will you take me there or shall I slay you? Tell me! What do you what? ‘What kind of a fool is he?’ ‘If he fights Gajmukhasur without any preparation’ ‘he will definitely die.’ ‘And he will get me killed too.’ Sindhura possesses many powers which he received as a boon and this has made him invincible! He has defeated Gajmukhasur. And he has taken over the netherworld.

He has become the king of demons! Lord Brahma had the deities made such a big mistake for which you gave them such a harsh punishment? You made the evil demon invincible and sent him to the netherworld. Now, the evil demon will grow more powerful and destructive and terrorize the deities. The Creator of the world arranged for its destruction! ‘It is true that Sindhura is powerful.’ ‘He can destroy all of us.’ ‘But..’

The good has already arrived to destroy the evil. The one who will destroy Sindhura has already taken birth at Kailash, as the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. “Hail Lord Ganesha..” “Hail Lord Ganesha, the wise deity.” “Your vision fills me with devotion.” “Hail Lord Ganesha..” “You dispel all our troubles.” “You bless us and remove all the obstacles.” ‘The mind and body both become clean after a bath.’

‘It is very important to cultivate a strict practice’ ‘of cleanliness, right from childhood.’ ‘I am growing restless because of hunger.’ ‘But mother has told me it is mandatory to take a bath.’ ‘So, I will have to do it.’ ‘But why aren’t they all hurrying?’ ‘By taking bath with this medical infusion’ ‘Ganesh’s skin will become brighter!’ ‘Son, I am your mother.’

‘It is my duty to make you aware of cleanliness’ ‘and to give you the right values.’ Come, Son. All the preparations are done. Come and take a bath. ‘What?’ ‘I will have to enter this pool!’ ‘What is a mother making me do?’ Mother, how can I enter the pool? I don’t even know what is in the water and how deep it is. I can’t even see the bottom. I definitely have played with this water. But how do I enter this? Son, there is no need to be anxious. This is very simple.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 28
Vighnaharta Ganesh

Everyone does this. Step into the pool without any hesitation. The water will clean your skin. But, Mother. Son, your mother is with you. Then why are you worried? Son, ease your steps, one at a time, and start entering this pool. I will hold your hand and keep you safe. And then you will be in the pool. ‘What if this pool is deep?’ No, Mother. I can sense that if I step in it I will submerge.

And if I go into the water then I will be lost. Well. You are so scared. You fear the water! Quiet! You will not get lost as this is a small pool. No one can get lost in it. Please come. Enter. Son, a person’s fearlessness helps him overcome fear and his courage, the doubts in his mind. Hence, no matter the fear and the cause of it if you want to overcome it you need to face it head-on and that is the only solution. Forget your fear.

Just face it head-on. Close your eyes and jump into this pool, fearlessly. ‘Mother is absolutely right.’ ‘I have to face my fears right now.’ ‘To make him take a bath’ ‘is like going on a war!’ Mother, look! I faced my fears head-on! I erased all my doubts. I have entered the pool. Nothing happened to me. I have overcome my fears. ‘Dear, you certainly overcame your fears’ ‘however, Vijaya and I got drenched.’ Well.

How did they all get drenched? Where did the water of the pool disappear? Did it got splashed over all of them? Son, what have you done? You should have entered the pool slowly. But Mother you only asked me to close my eyes and jump into the water. I can never disobey you. So, I jumped into it! Son, I certainly did tell you however, we need to take care that we don’t make others comfortable by what we do.

Nandi you have to get the bath ready again. Please refill the pool with water. Well. You two are completely drenched. Go quickly and change your clothes or you may fall sick. ‘Well..’ ‘From now on, I will enter water fearlessly.’ Son along with overcoming your fears you also need to be cautious about the issues you may face. By being alert about the situations near your problems can be averted.

Hence, before you enter the pool check if the water temperature is unfavorable. Well. Dear, what are you doing? It is perfect. Trunk, the water is fine even you can check it. Oh, my trunk! Why is it sucking the water? ‘Why are we being punished today?’ ‘We had just changed our clothes.’ ‘and he drenched us again.’ Trunk, what have you done? You drenched Lady Jaya and Lady Vijaya again. Lady Vijaya, please forgive me. Lady Jaya please forgive me.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

‘Let me try again.’ ‘However, I will tread slowly this time.’ This touch of water is really mesmerizing. Wow! Ripples are formed by my movements. Nice. Let me do it again. Why do not you all take a bath along with me? ‘Is it our day’ ‘to just get drenched?’ ‘Bubbles are being formed.’ ‘This is a nice game.’ ‘Well..’ ‘He is coming closer.’ ‘It is his turn now.’ Hey! Stop it. Goddess, save me! Goddess, save me! Please forgive me, I will not do it again.

Is he taking a bath? Or giving us one? Son.. – Mother, bathing is really giving me pleasure. Mother, look. I am taking a bath. Son playing with water is not the same as bathing. Please come here. Son bathing means washing off the dirt from your body. Hence, I am applying this lotion to your body. Son, stay still. What are you doing? Please do not move. Mother, how can I not? It feels ticklish.

Son, now wash off this lotion from your body and come out of the water. Goddess, after he takes the bath what clothes would we give him to wear? Nandi, you are right. I did not think of it. On the eve of the first bath new clothes are supposed to come from his aunt’s to wear. Lady Parvati, I will solve that issue of yours. Lady Lakshmi, greetings. Welcome. The child’s aunt provides new clothes on the eve of his first bath, right? So, she is my aunt.

But who is she? She is my brother’s wife. Son, his wife is your aunt. A mother’s brother is uncle and hence, his wife is your aunt. Your brother is the Protector of the universe Lord Narayana, right? So, is he my uncle? Yes. It is your good fortune that he is your uncle. I see. Aunt. “Today, Lord Ganesh took his first bath.” “Goddess Parvati is helping him get dressed.” “He is been dressed in beautiful clothes.”

“He is also decorated with various jewelry.” “Lord Ganesh, Saviour of the universe..” “Lord Ganesh is the remover of obstacles.’ “Hail Lord Ganesh..” My Lord. Father. “Hail Lord Ganesh..” “Hail Lord Ganesh..” “With the divine vermilion on the forehead” “he sits tall, the pride of Goddess Parvati.” “Holding sweets in His hand as offering..” “Your divinity never goes uncalled..” “Hail Lord Ganesh..” ‘Beautiful.

Exquisite beauty!’ ‘He is very endearing’ ‘and divine and pure.’ Father look I took a bath as well as wore new clothes and this jewelry too. “He grants us wisdom.” “Hail Lord Ganesh..” To obey your parents is the greatest virtue. You are so cultured and I am so happy to see that. After seeing you three together my heart is filled with joy. However, I have to leave for Vaikuntha. Lord Narayana would be waiting for me. “Hail Lord Ganesh..”

‘I met aunt’ ‘however, I need to meet uncle as well.’ ‘My trunk, what do you say?’ ‘Shall we leave for my uncle’s place?’

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