Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 27 (30 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 27 (30 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 27– Let me pick these fruits. I will enjoy the taste then. Who is it? Nandi, it’s you! I am not satisfied yet. I want to play with it for some more time. So, let it be there. ‘The magic wand!’ ‘He has that wand with him again.’ No! I will not take it away. Dear, you can play with it f-for as long as you wish. Okay? I will go now. – Okay. Lord, I did try to take the moon from his head, however. However, he showed me his wand.

I have to stop him before the situation of a battle arises. Right. – Lord? ‘Goddess Parvati?’ ‘She is coming here.’ Goddess Parvati, greetings. Wonderful. Amazingly wonderful! You brought all these things. I can now feed my son well. However, where is he? Lord, what is this? Where is the moon that used to add to the beauty of your forehead? Did you notice that now? This is what happens when you are lost in meditation. You did not even realize that the moon is missing. And what about my son? Where is he? H-He. Goddess, he is.

The moon is with your son. He took the moon. He took the moon with him. He is playing with it. So what is there to worry about? You can go and ask him and he will return it to you. What is wrong? I asked you to go and ask him. Then what are you all waiting for? Why don’t you all go? Nandi? Nandi! Tell Her the story. G-Goddess Parvati We. We. All of us tried it. However, he.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 27
Vighnaharta Ganesh

Goddess, all our attempts went in vain. As he is. Goddess, we did approach him however he refused to return the moon. Goddess, he has his wand. Last time when he had that wand the situation had gone out of control. Goddess, now he has that wand as well as the moon. Enough! Everyone needs to calm down. My son is mischievous for sure after all, he is just a child. He might have assumed the moon to be a toy.

It is not my son’s fault but his elders who get so busy in fulfilling His duties for the universe that He couldn’t take care of his own son! However, you all do not have to worry. My son will bring back the moon. Son! The moon on your father’s forehead is not a toy. It is the embodiment of Lord Chandra. And since the moon is not on His forehead even Lord Chandra is being affected. Even the universe is at risk. Son, please return it at the earliest. Come here as fast.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 27

Mother, I will be right there. Son, never do it again. Never remove the moon from your father’s head. Come on. Please keep it in its original place. Fine, Mother. I will do it right away. No! I do not wish to be bounced again. Please let me go. Please free me! I cannot bear this pain anymore. What is this! Over there. Something must have changed over there. It has been put back on Lord Shiva’s head. I am safe. Everything is fine now. – Lord.

Because of this incident, you did realize the capabilities of Goddess Parvati’s son. I have understood it for sure. He is very mischievous. However, Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva will impart good values to him. Father, please forgive me for this mistake as well. I will not play with the moon ever again. Lord Brahma? Why was that monster interested in Lord Shiva’s son? Lord, I am curious.

Son, because Goddess Parvati’s son will become his death! However, why did that evil monster call you father? Narada. Sindura is your elder brother and my son. He had come to this world because I yawned. Yawn? How? I was meditating. However, suddenly for a moment, my meditation was disturbed. It is not favorable for the universe that the creator himself gets disturbed. I realized this mistake of mine. I pulled myself back to meditation.

I was sure that this mistake of mine did no harm to the universe. However, I yawned unknowingly and my mouth opened. During that moment Sindura took birth and came to this world. Greetings, Father. Greetings, Mother. Son sometimes a mistake turns out to be a boon and delights our hearts. You were created by my yawn and that gives me immense happiness.

As you are red in color, like vermilion I will name you Sindura! Father, as you say. His wonderful beauty evoked my fatherly love and I blessed him with countless boons. I had never imagined that those boons would reap such disastrous outcomes! Son, I bless you to be the most powerful warrior who will fight all the challenges and defeat all the enemies. Sindura’s birth was a divine thing to happen. However, greed and power destroy divinity too.

The more boons I blessed him with the more arrogant he got. Dear, you will be so strong that no enemy will be able to harm you. You will be able to read your enemy’s mind and keep them under control. You will always be victorious. My blessings are always with you. Dear, I give you this boon. The one you try to crush with your strong arms will break into a million pieces and will be completely annihilated. ‘No one can win over me.’

‘Neither any Lord nor any demon.’ ‘Neither a spirit nor a human being.’ ‘No one can destroy me.’ ‘I don’t fear anyone now.’ ‘I, Sindura, have become invincible.’ ‘Now that I can defeat anyone in this world’ ‘no one can stop me.’ ‘I am the source of such immense power’ ‘that even Lord Indra and Digbal’ ‘will be forced to bow down before me.’

‘I will be the ruler of the three worlds’ ‘and all the Lords will be at my service.’ Father, thank you for blessing me with these boons. But I will have to verify if they are genuine. So, shall I verify it by trying to crush you with my arms if the power given by you is effective or not? Dear, I am your father.

Do you want to destroy me? Do you think it is right? ‘A powerful man’s wish is always right.’ ‘You are knowledgeable. Don’t you know this?’ ‘It is true that blessing a demon with boons’ ‘makes him far more immoral.’ ‘I did not realize this as I’ ‘was captivated by my fatherly love’ ‘but I’ll have to somehow stop him now.’

Dear, you are a strong young man whereas, I am an old creator of the world. I am not a warrior. – But I want to test my powers. So, fight with me or.. – Dear you may go to Lord Vishnu. He is a skilled warrior. Only he is capable to fight against you and not me. ‘So, in this way, egoistic and strong Sindura’ ‘went to Vaikunt.’

Vighnaharta Ganesh

Narayan! Where are you hiding, Narayan? Come before me! What did you do, Lord Brahma? Now, the excessive but futile love of a father will make all the three worlds suffer. Narayan! I, Sindura, am here to fight with you. To fight with me? But I do not have any rivalry with you. That doesn’t matter. I want to test Lord Brahma’s boon. I heard you are a skilled warrior. So, I am here to crush you with my arms. Dear, I have given up fighting.

I am busy taking care of the world. You may go and fight against Karthikeya, son of Lord Shiva. The young and great warrior Karthikeya is the savior and the commander of the Lords. He is a valiant warrior and has defeated a dangerous demon called Tadkasur. You may go to Kailash and fight with him. If you defeat him in the war all the Lords will bow down before you.

Karthikeya! ‘So, Sindura’ ‘goes to Kailash looking for Karthikeya but..’ ‘So, this is Kailash.’ ‘This is where I can find that great warrior’ ‘Karthikeya, son of Lord Shiva.’ ‘Where is this sound of bangles coming from?’ ‘It is such a pleasant sound.’ ‘But instead of meeting Karthikeya’ ‘that evil demon had his eyes’ ‘on Goddess Parvati.’ ‘The immense beauty of the Goddess’ ‘has fascinated me.’

‘I am fascinated’ ‘by her impressive beauty.’ ‘And Sindura definitely wins over someone’ ‘who fascinates him.’ ‘Coincidently, Lord Mahadev and Karthikeya’ were not present over there. ‘Delighted by the power he had got’ ‘as a result of his boons’ ‘and fascinated by Goddess Parvati’ ‘that evil man stepped towards Goddess Parvati’ ‘with bad intentions in his mind.’ ‘This was the time’ ‘when Goddess Parvati was deeply involved’ ‘in an important deed’ ‘of drawing the image of her child.’

‘When Sindura reached close to her’ ‘a light emanated’ ‘from the image that the Goddess Parvati was drawing’ ‘and it clashed with Sindura’ ‘and pushed the wretched man out of Kailash.’ ‘The son who saved his mother’ ‘Goddess Parvati from Sindura’ ‘even before his birth..’ ‘He knew every move that Sindura would make.’ It is the duty of a son to perform some good deeds that his parents would be proud of. I gave you several boons but you only misused them.

You attacked me with those powers. You have crossed all the limits. You have dared to have bad intentions towards Goddess Parvati! I give you a curse! You will lose your divinity and be a demon! The second son of the Goddess towards whom you had bad intentions will destroy you! The second son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati will be born as your destroyer! ‘I will remember this.’

‘I will always remember this, Lord Brahma.’ ‘I will never forgive you’ ‘for making me a monster.’ ‘The second son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’ will be born as your destroyer! ‘If that boy is a threat to me’ ‘I am a bigger threat to him.’

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