Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 26 (29 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 26 (29 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 26- The reflection of this moon looks more beautiful in the water. The fish that are glowing due to this reflection look so attractive. If I put it in water it’ll look more clear and more beautiful. It would be really fun. Lord of Sea would you offer this priceless pearl to Goddess Parvati and her son as a gift? Minister, yes. I would take it myself to Mount Kailash.

Wow! It’s gone! What is happening all of a sudden? What kind of disturbance is this? Where is this light coming from? Chandra? What is Chandra doing in my sea? the light from the moon hurts my eyes. My sea. It has become unrest due to the moon’s arrival. Now, everything has settled again. What is Chandra trying to do? What game is he trying to play? My sea settles down after sudden unrest.

What could be the reason behind it? Please free me! Free me! Lord! Lord, greetings. Nandi? Tell me. What is the matter? What happened? Lord, Chandra! Chandra has disappeared. ‘I had given Chandra the boon’ ‘that he will always rest on my head.’ ‘Then where did he disappear to?’ ‘Who could have removed him from there?’ Lord Brahma, what happened? Why have you become so quiet? I am standing here right in front of you! I am asking you! Is it true? Has Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s son taken birth on mount Kailash? Where did this monster find the courage to talk to Lord Brahma with that tone! that too in his kingdom! And.

And why is he taking so much interest in Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s son? Narayana! But how can this be possible! Lord Shiva had given his word to all the gods that He And Goddess Parvati would not have any children! Whenever righteousness is brought to an end and there is the exaltation of unrighteousness and when monsters like you dominate.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 26

To destroy evil forces like yourself the most righteous being will take an extraordinary avatar and become the reason for your death and divinity will prevail. The one that took birth in Mount Kailash in the form of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva’s son is the one who will kill you, Sindura! Lord Brahma, are you trying to scare me? A child would kill me! It will never happen! Have you forgotten? That I am cannot be defeated! You.

Lord Vishnu! Even Lord Shiva himself cannot defeat me! It is your misfortune that you misused the powers given by me and turned into an evil monster, Sindura. However evil always perishes. Even after knowing this, you are still living in your evil, delusional world! Lord Brahma! It seems that your mind has given up on you! You are forgetting that if I wish I can destroy both of you right now.! I can ruin this place! Sindura, enough! Enough of your vicious acts! How dare you insult Lord Brahma, the creator? Goddess.

What else can I expect from you? You have wasted your powers. You were uncultured but now the arrogance due to your power and your malicious attitude has confirmed your end! You gave me a lot of boons but I think you forgot to teach me manners! You did not fulfill your duties rightfully! Enough with all this! I will kill that child.

No one call kill me! No one! After killing that child I will return soon to destroy this place! Lord Brahma, you have made me undefeatable! So why are you hesitating to face my power? Father! ‘This is the ultimate example’ ‘of my biggest mistake.’ Lord Brahma. What did I just hear? Narayana! Even that evil monster addressed you as a father! You are the father of that evil demon? Oh, my God.

I will definitely answer all your questions. But please allow me to purify ‘Bhramaloka’ which has been defiled by his presence. “Om..” “Om..” “Om..” “Om..” I am now willing to answer your questions. Who could have done it, my lord? Who was it that dared to take the moon from your head? Such audacity! ‘It must have been my son who took the moon.’

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 26
Vighnaharta Ganesh

‘He must have taken it while I was meditating.’ ‘But if I tell that to my disciples, they will not be’ ‘prepared to retrieve it from the child, out of fear.’ You all go and bring me the moon. Yes, my lord. I do not see the moon anywhere. What are your people doing! And what are you looking upwards for? Why are you not looking down while walking? What are you saying? Do you not understand! We are looking for the moon, right? Then we will find it in the sky, right! Not below! Look for it.. ‘Explaining him and the other disciples are impossible.’ ‘I’ll keep looking.’

What are you doing? Watch where you are going. ‘Moon is here, in the possession of this child?’ ‘He is playing with it.’ We are done for. The moon is in the possession of that child! Look. How will we retrieve the moon from the son of Lord Shiva? How are we going to return it to Him? I will draw some more lines with this.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

‘He is drawing lines again!’ ‘I don’t think it’s wise to disturb him now.’ ‘Things can get worse.’ ‘What is the way out of this one?’ ‘No other disciple of Lord Shiva will advance towards him.’ ‘But in order to carry out Lord Shiva’s order’ ‘I will muster courage and advance.’ This is pretty! Who does this shadow belong to? Who is it? Child, that is.

That is the moon. You cannot play with it. Now, give it to me. Give it to me. I am the most glorious and powerful! This is my weapon. I will vanquish all evildoers with it! I will not give it to anyone. Okay, then let’s go. What? Let’s go? Hey, a stutterer. We are not in the kitchen. We are before a child. It is because we are before a child that I am saying Come on.

Come on, let us go! Oh, you want to go! But how? By violating Lord Shiva’s order? I feel very good! You have to wait if you want to play with it. I am playing with it right now. I will not give it to anyone until I am bored with it. Wait, I will show something to you. There you go. He won’t give it to us now. Come on, let us go. Come on, run.. Hey, what are you talking about? We are talking about the moon here and you are.

No! He is asking if you have forgotten what happened the last time we clashed with the child? I will show you how high I can through this in the sky. Look! Did you see that! You, people, liked that, right? Run. Shall I show you something else? They were here just now. Where did they go? At least I have this. My lord, that child, your son. He’s not giving the moon back. When we asked him to give it back, he said that he is playing with it.

I have blessed the moon with a boon and I wear his symbol on my head. The earth will become unstable if He becomes unstable. Is it proper that a child play with Him? Nandi, go and bring the moon back. Install Him in his rightful place. Yes, my lord. This game is fun. I will toss it again. Such a pretty fruit! It will surely taste good! Let me look at it more closely! Let me pluck it! Then I will enjoy its taste! I will eat it! It is high up there! I am not able to get a hold of it. I will not be able to pluck it like this. I have to use a tactic.

This stick might be of some help I’m able to reach it but I can’t seem to aim. I have to do something else. I will use both my hands. ‘The child should be somewhere around here.’ ‘He cannot have gone too far from here.’ “Lord Ganesh. Problem-solver Lord Ganesh!” “Lord Ganesh. Problem-solver Lord Ganesh!” “Lord Ganesh. Problem-solver Lord Ganesh!” “Lord Ganesh.

Problem-solver Lord Ganesh!” ‘The last time he picked up a stick, he beat us all up.’ ‘Who knows what he might do this time.’ ‘How do I carry out my lord’s order?’ ‘How do I retrieve the moon from him.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 25 (28 October 2020)

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