Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 25 (28 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 25 (28 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 25– If you wish to save yourself from me then answer my question! What were you Gods doing in Kailash? Tell me, or else.. ‘Why does this demon want to know what happened in Kailash?’ ‘No matter what he does to me, I will not tell him.’ ‘You will tell me. You will answer my question, Indra.’ ‘Because I will captivate your mind and compel you.’ ‘Look into my eyes, Indra.’ ‘You will soon begin talking.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 24

Well, that child is Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva’s son. ‘So, Singika was right.’ ‘But how is this possible?’ ‘What just happened to me?’ ‘How did this demon compel me to speak?’ ‘But now, I am going to fight him.’ It looks like you wish to get even more tortured and humiliated, Lord Indra. I will not disappoint you.

But how could this be true? He cannot be Mahadev and Lady Parvati’s son. So, do not try to lie to me to mislead me. Stop! If you do not believe me, then you can ask Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma. Mother. Mother. Listen to me. Mother, one more thing. Why does a father have three eyes while we all have only two? Do you even know that father has a third eye? – Yes. ‘Mother is not paying attention.

She is so busy doing her work’ ‘that she is not even listening to me.’ ‘How will I be able to do what I am supposed to’ ‘if my son keeps following me like that?’ Mother, Nandi told me that if the father opens his third eye everything will be destroyed. It results in a catastrophe. What is a catastrophe, Mother? Dear, a catastrophe will occur when it has to.

But what have you done? Did you drop the grains? This is the food that we eat. Food is needed for survival, just as air and water. Hence, we must never disrespect food. Let bygones be bygones. Let me put these grains back into this pot. But be careful, dear. Forgive me, Mother. Mother, I forgot to tell you something. Father’s third eye that I told you about is so unique, Mother! – Yes, dear. Your father is unique.

Did the mother leave again? I still have a lot to talk to her about. Mother. Mother. Listen to me, Mother. Mother, the father also has a drum and a trident. Do you know? ‘If he continues to stay around me’ ‘I will not be able to work.’ ‘The Lord is least bothered.’ ‘He is busy meditating.’ ‘And I have been busy trying to manage the household.’ ‘His meditation is his priority.’ ‘I will have to talk to him now.’

Mother, did you hear what I just said? Mother, Nandi told me about my father’s trident. It is so violent! Do you even know that? Son. – Yes, Mother? Come with me. – Okay, Mother. I am with you. I will go wherever you take me. But where are we going, Mother? – Come. My Lord. Do you even know what has conspired here all day? You do not know? Never mind. I will tell you.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 25

When you were engrossed in your meditation here I sent Nandi, Shringi, and the others to get fruits, milk, and honey for our son. After that, I organized my son’s chamber. Then I managed the household chores. I did all of this. Now you tell me. What did you do all day? No. You need not think so much. Because all you did was meditate. Do you want to know how I came to know about this? Let me tell you.

When I was busy doing all the chores and looking after our son at the same time whenever I happened to look outside you were right here, meditating. I know. Meditating is very important to you. Since you have the responsibility for the welfare of the world. But my Lord, we have a child now. Your son has arrived. Would it not be difficult for me if I have the responsibilities of you, him, and the other chores as well? I also have to plan our son’s naming ceremony and the other functions related to his birth. I never asked you to do any household chores. But my Lord, you must understand your duties.

You, too, have some duties towards your son. I hope you understand that. Why are you, mum? Say something. Tell me. You do understand that, right? I was waiting for you to finish, dear. I understand. I understand all of my duties very well. Tell me. How can I help you? You know, your son has been following me all day today just to tell me what makes his father unique. So, I have a suggestion.

I will finish all my work while you spend some time with your son right here. Talk to him. He is curious to know about you. Bring an end to his curiosity, my Lord. Sure, Parvati. Dear, now spend some time with your father. Talk to him. Okay? ‘Now, my father will tell me various facts about himself.’ ‘This is going to be fun.’ Come, dear. Father, are you sleeping? No, dear. I am not sleeping. I am meditating. – Meditating? What does that mean, Father? I do not know what it is.

But I am certain that it must be unique since you do it. Tell me, Father. Dear, meditating helps us calm the mind. It helps us peep into ourselves and know the reality. It helps us realize the inner and outer reality. But Father, I have come to know everything without meditating! Now I know you well. I know everything about you. Whatever Nandi told me is now clear. Shall I tell you, Father? “You are the Lord of the world.” “Hail Lord Bholenath.” “You have long tresses holding the Ganges.”

“You hold a drum and a trident.” “The three-eyed Bholenath.” “You are the Lord of the world.” “Hail Lord Bholenath.” “With ashes smeared on your body” “you wear a snake around you.” “You wear ‘Rudraksha’.” “Hail Lord Bholenath.” “You are the Lord of the world.” “Hail Lord Bholenath.” ‘Let me sit beside him again.’ ‘Father has closed his eyes again.’ ‘What do I do now?’ ‘Mother asked me to stay with my father.’ ‘So be it.’

‘Hey! What is this?’ ‘Whatever it is, it is beautiful.’ ‘Let me hold it.’ ‘Hey! I cannot catch it.’ ‘Oh! This is something bizarre and unique’ ‘on father’s tresses.’ ‘Nandi never told me about this.’ ‘My beauty is incredible.’ ‘No one can ever be as beautiful as me.’ ‘Let me touch it and see.’ What happened, my Lord? This is a disaster. Mother Parvati’s son removed me from Mahadev’s head and has held me. No. This is not right. Its shine is incredible.

Stop it. But my Lord, I am not tickling you. Mother Parvati’s son is tickling and teasing me. My Lord, are you all right? ‘Yes, I feel better now.’ I will use this weapon to destroy evil! I am enjoying this game. Let me fling it again. Where is this light coming from? What is Lord Chandra doing? Rohini, help me. Do something. Help me.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

My Lord, you instigated Lord Shani to have a look at Lady Parvati’s son, right? This is the result of the same. You will have to endure it. Lady Parvati’s son is playing with Chandra. I hope he does not get into trouble again because of this. ‘Let me play a melody in order to alleviate your worries.’ Narayan. Narayan. This music is so mesmerizing! I am so pleased! I should go to Lord Brahma and Mother Saraswati and enjoy such a divine melody.

What happened, my lady? What worries you all of a sudden? I do not know, my Lord. But it seems like something inauspicious and unpleasant is heading towards us. Something that would corrupt our pious abode. My lady, just as the lotus does not let its beauty and purity get tarnished in spite of being in muck similarly, no impurity can touch you.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 25
Vighnaharta Ganesh

You are the epitome of divine purity. And anyway, sometimes the rise of impurity makes one even purer. You are right, my Lord. Purity lies at the end of the impurity. ‘Even then, the existence of something impure’ ‘and unpleasant over here makes me worried, my Lord.’ Narayan. Narayan. Who is this creating chaos in Brahma’s kingdom? ‘Perhaps, Lady Saraswati’s concern was right.’ ‘She sensed the arrival of this demon.’

Ever since I left for the netherworld you have forgotten me, Lord Brahma. I am your child. I know the reason for your distress. My arrival is your concern. I would never take the trouble of coming here if I had not been to Indra’s kingdom and learned that Mahadev and Lady Parvati’s son was born in Kailash. This is emitting a lot of light! Let me try covering it. If this boy keeps playing with Chandra then the universe would have to face its consequences.

Does Mahadev even know what his son has been playing with? “Lord Ganesha, the eradicator of trouble.

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