Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 24 (27 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 24 (27 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 24– What does Jaya think of herself? I asked her to wait but she still left. She got busy decorating Parvati’s throne. Why does she always compete with me? I am getting a very strong smell. There is something delicious around. Tell me what did you smell? What? Over there? Should we go in that direction? Behind that boulder? Well.

Who is it? Who dared to enter my kingdom And destroy its beauty! Who is it? Who is polluting our environment? Who is it! Lord Indra! Come out. So this exquisite aroma is from the fruits. There are so many delicious fruits. And he is eating it all by himself. Delicious! I am enjoying the taste of it! I will eat this first! I will then eat this one. I will eat all of them, all of them. It is all mine! However.

No one should see me here and come to beat me. ‘Is it my delusion’ ‘or is someone actually here?’ You! What are you doing here? ‘I had asked you’ ‘to set him straight!’ Well. He has a different head. This one’s good! – What did you say? Listen to me. I just said that your head seems different. And it is really good. – Oh! Fine. I understood now.

This is what you said, right? Good. My head has been replaced. And that is a good thing. You are so intelligent. You understood it so quickly. Please have this. Please eat it. – No. I will not eat that. You may eat it. And I will keep the rest of it! Safely in my stomach! No! No. Not all of it! Just one more. This is all mine! Don’t eat all of them. Fruits are not for one to keep. They are supposed to be eaten. Wow! I enjoyed it.

Eat it! But leave this one at least! You ate the rest anyway! Who are you! How did you dare to enter my kingdom! Indra, do not show your anger to me. Are you scared of me? I wanted to know something from you. Answer my questions otherwise, I will destroy your kingdom! Answer me. Why did all you Gods gather on mount Kailash? And why did you people seem so happy? Evil monster! This is your biggest mistake! You came here and you dared to misbehave with me! And now! You have the audacity to question me in my own kingdom! I will punish you for this misbehavior! He ate the fruits. He ate all my fruit.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 24

The fruits were really very tasty. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I am really thankful to you. I gave you this one to eat. However, you ate all of it! He ate everything! He ate all the fruit! I offered you one but you ate all of it! Right, I ate all of it as you had offered it to me yourself. ‘Goddess Parvati’s son ate my fruits’ ‘and she is laughing.’

Dear, why did you ate Totlagan’s fruits? It is unethical to eat someone’s food without their consent. But, Mother.. what could I have done? Those fruits were really tasty and I was hungry too. ‘How did I forget this?’ ‘I am his mother’ ‘and it is my duty to take care of all his needs.’ ‘It has been so long’ ‘that I have not fed him anything.’

‘I need to be more alert now.’ How did this happen in your presence? I forgot but you all should have thought about it. The fact that he is a child and he gets hungry. Please do not just stand here. Hurry up and arrange for some food. Goddess, the Laddoos are ready. I will get them right away. Nandi his first feeding ceremony is yet to be performed. You know that, right? Before this ceremony, he can just consume fruits, milk, and honey.

Hence, go to the jungle right away and get the best fruits from there. Shringi goes to Vindhyachal and gets the best honey from there. And you go to heaven and get milk from Goddess Kamdhenu. Well. Why is everyone still standing here? My son is starving so please do not delay any more. Go and get some food. W-Well. Goddess, yes.. – Sure. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. I have to tidy his room to make arrangements for the ceremony.

There is so much on my platter. You fools! You do not have any idea about my power. If you have decided to fight against me you will have to face the consequences. Even your combined forces cannot harm me in any way. He has used our move against us. How is it possible? Foolish deities, now face my attack! “Parvati was filled with a feeling of affection..” “Parvati was filled with a feeling of affection..”

“Ganesh was born to Her.” ‘My son had to face such hardships in the very beginning’ ‘of his life.’ ‘But now, I will make his life wonderful.’ ‘I will not let him suffer in any way.’ ‘Just like a drizzle quenches the thirst of the desert’ ‘you have filled my life with all the happiness ‘by letting me be your mother.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

‘The greatest happiness in a mother’s life’ ‘is caring for her child.’ What is the matter with the mother? She was thinking about something and smiling while looking at me. And now she is heading somewhere without saying anything. Let me check. Indra, King of Gods, see how I have tied all your deities up with my loop! I have disabled everyone. Now we will confront each other.

Unfortunately, in this battle between us, you will be the one to lose. Wicked demon, watch out! If you are a warrior defeat me using your weapon and not words. But even your thunderbolt did not have any effect on me. I am omnipotent! You will not be able to survive this war. ‘My weapon could not make any impact on him.’ ‘And he pushed me away so easily.’ ‘But, I will not spare him.’ Mother. What are you doing? I am setting up your room, dear. I am preparing your bed.

I am ensuring that my son does not face any problem. ‘Why are none of the lamps lit?’ ‘Let me light them.’ Father. The mother’s father has such long and thick locks. But, there is a big reason behind that. Do you know that, Mother? Dear, let me do my work. Go out and play. Tell me, Mother. Do you know? I guessed it right. How would you know? I will tell you. Nandi had told me that father had once held the Ganges in his locks. That is how my father is.

What did you do, dear? I had just set that up and you made a mess. ‘His room is ready. Let me check the kitchen.’ ‘But there is a lot of work to do in the kitchen.’ ‘If he keeps pestering me’ ‘I will not be able to complete any of the tasks.’ ‘Whom do I call to look after him?’ I am the most powerful demon king. Your power cannot do any harm to me. But, I can finish you in one go.

Who is the one in the three realms who can protect you against me? Bear the heat of my attack now. I am happy to see Lord Indra helpless in front of me. Answer my question if you want to protect yourself. What were you Gods doing at Kailash? Tell me or else.. ‘Why does this demon want to know what was happening’ ‘at Kailash? I will not tell him.’ ‘You will surely tell me, Indra. You will.’

‘I will control your mind and render you helpless.’ ‘Look into my eyes, Indra.’ ‘You will speak up soon.’ ‘That child’ ‘is Lady Parvati and Lord Shiva’s son.’ “I offer vermillion to the magnificent Lord Ganesha” “the son of Gauri, who is seated in all gloriousness” “with his large belly. He holds a ‘Laddu’ made of jaggery” “in His hands. His glory is such that words fall short” “while describing it. Glory to Thee..” Glory to Thee.

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