Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 23 (26 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 23 (26 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 23– You all must have known by now that obeying my orders only can protect you. What will you do if someone does not listen to you and goes against your wish? Whose voice was that? Who dared to say that? Not dare, Gajmukhasur. This is a challenge that I am giving you. If you have the courage, fight with me, and prove your greatness. I like challenges, you fool.

Because the one who challenges me always faces death. And I feel very happy to kill someone. So whoever you are. Tell me. Shall I come there or you will come here and fight with me? I will kill you now. You will be punished for challenging me. Not so soon, Gajmukhasur. I have not accepted defeat yet. Since you are a demon, I will not ask you to pray to the Lord in your final moments. But you are very lucky.

Because you will be killed here right now. Get ready to die. What is happening to me? What power is he using on me which has rendered me motionless? Gajmukhasur put your weapon down. Accept defeat. ‘He has tied me up’ ‘by his illusionary powers. How do I get rid of it?’ I am weaker than you. You won. I accept my defeat. Sit on my throne. I will be your servant.

Sindura became the demon king. Sindura. Very powerful, the great warrior demon king, Sindura. I, Singhika, greet you on behalf of all the demons. Hail the hero of demons, Sindura. – Hail thy name! Hail the demon King Sindura. – Hail thy name! Hail the demon King Sindura. – Hail thy name! Hail the demon King Sindura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 23
Vighnaharta Ganesh

Hail thy name! ‘Why is there so much light in the realm of Gods?’ ‘What are the Gods celebrating for?’ “Lord with a curved trunk, the one who has supreme knowledge.” “The one who showers happiness and gets us rid of problems.” “Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Goddess Sharada.” “All the Gods along with Lord Indra” “Are blessing Lord Ganesh.” “All are leaving Mount Kailash.” “An unrivaled heavenly scene appeared.”

“Lord Ganesh watches it with awe.” “Lord with a curved trunk, one with supreme knowledge.” “The one who showers happiness and rids us of problems.” “Hail the Lord..” “Hail the Lord..” So much glee among the Gods indicates that at right the start of your reign, an obstacle is rising, King Sindura. What are you doing here then? Find out quickly what is happening in the universe. Why is so much radiance there? Why is there such a commotion? Find it out.

‘I am prepared to face any challenge.’ ‘War. Yes, war! We demons derive pleasure’ ‘from war.’ ‘I want to war.’ Jaya, you could have awaited me when I said that I’m bringing flowers. Lady Parvati adores plumerias! But you have decorated her seat with petals of jasmine! Why? A man has brought plumerias with me at my request.

Vijaya, where are that man and the basket of flowers? There. Where? Petals on us. – Where are they coming from? This basket! My head. My eyesight is blocked by this! What’s there to laugh about this? Do not be upset, Vijaya. Go and pluck plumerias again. Until then I’ll decorate this seat with jasmine. Dear, greet them. These two are your aunts. Jaya and Vijaya.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 23

Aunts? Mother, who is an aunt? Dear, an aunt is like a mother. Sister of the mother. That is what an aunt is. Then they will love me as much as you do. Aunt Jaya.. ‘Why is he extending his trunk towards me?’ ‘The touch of this child is so delightful.’ ‘This child has filled my heart with glee’ ‘with his tender, pleasant touch.’ ‘You were right. I will adore you like a mother.’ ‘I will shower you with all the love in the world, child.’ Tell me what you have found out, Singhika.

Great demon King Sindura the commotion for the divine ceremony of Gods was because of a child. A child? What kind of child? Child of who? According to my spies, that child was born in Mount Kailash. According to what I have found out we should not take that child lightly. He could be a great danger for the demons.

I fear that your reign might last for a little time due to that child. All-powerful and mighty. I am invincible! No one can defeat me, in all three realms. Will a child pose a threat to me? Is that what you are saying? How dare you try to scare me in the name of a mere child! That was not my intention! All I meant to say was.. Do something quickly! Before he grows up, destroy the danger. I am not your enemy. I always want what is good for you. ‘Does not matter what it is.’

‘She has shown audacity.’ ‘Should I give her death’ ‘or should I forgive her?’ Where are you going, King Sindura? To the place where I will get answers to all my questions. I will not slight my strength by killing an old woman like you.

I will go and challenge Indra! Pleasure! Utmost pleasure! If the God-King agitates me I will defeat Him with my strength. Greetings, Goddess. Goddess, I’ve brought these flowers. Where do I keep them? I remember you, Nandi. ‘Owing to that unfortunate war’ ‘I hope he bears no grudge towards me.’ You entertained me with my father’s tales, right? Recognize Him! He is Lord Shiva who absorbed the torrential and pious river of Ganga into his hair.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

‘The past is full of good and bad incidents.’ ‘The one who forgets the bad things from his past’ ‘remembers the good’ ‘heads toward optimism, while leaving the negativity behind.’ ‘The personality of Goddess Parvati’s son’ ‘will become better with his positivity.’ Son, he is the son of Shila, Nandi. Lord Shiva’s ride and his main aide.

You showed me the grand marriage ceremony of the king and queen in the sky. Show that to me again! It’ll be fun. Certainly! I’ll certainly show you. I’ll show you a scene more enjoyable than that. Look. Look, Mother! Look! It’s you and your father! And that’s me, with you two! It’s so fun in the sky, isn’t it? It’s such a lovely scene, Mother.

Thank you, Nandi, for showing me such a pleasant scene. ‘He is happy with Nandi, but I didn’t show him’ ‘any scene. All I did was fight.’ ‘He will definitely be rude to me.’ Your horns are quite powerful, aren’t they? I remember your strength very well. But it was back then. Now, you’ll be my friend. ‘He is so sweet and calm.’ ‘I tried to harm him. I can’t believe it.’ Now, all of you are my friends, right? Now, we’ll play together! It’ll be fun.

You will play with me, won’t you? Parvati, it’s great that our son is now getting along with our family. He is forging a friendship with everyone. I’ll always be with you. Till you get acquainted with the land of Kailash I won’t leave you alone, even for a bit. I won’t let you be in any kind of trouble. ‘I hear a sound.’ ‘My trunk can smell it too.’ Mother, can I go with Aunt Vijaya to pick flowers? Yes, Son. Go, but stay with your aunt.

Don’t go away from her even for a moment and get lost. I don’t want to see you in any other trouble. What’s happening? Is a mystical power attacking down there attacking the land of Gods? Whoever you’re, leave! We are the guards of the abode of Gods! We won’t let you go in. Protect us! Oh, King Indra, protect us! He threw us guards here, King.

What kind of insolence is this! What kind of demonic power is it which destroyed the protection of the land of Gods and has dared to challenge me, King Indra! ‘What’s happening!’ Which demonic power is it, with such a disastrous effect! Who is attacking us? Who is it, who came into my realm and is destroying the greatness of this place! Who is it, who is polluting the environment here?

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