Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 21 (24 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 21 (24 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 21– I wonder what is happening to me! This boy is none other than my son. Then why am I not able to accept him? I am worried, Lord Shiva. Lady Parvati has not yet accepted her son. As long as the image of the past is lingering in one’s heart and mind, it makes him suffer. The only solution is for the person to get over that past at the earliest and accept the present.

Lady Parvati’s attachment towards her past will surely be broken when her present will compel her for it. Mother! Where are you going, Mother? Kindly stop, Mother. I am over here. Look in this direction, Mother. You have created me out of your imagination, Mother. “There is a lovely image in the mother’s imagination.” “Her fingers began to create a beautiful portrait..” Hence, I am your son. And you are my mother.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 21

But, Lord Shankar, how will Lady Parvati accept her son? Lord Brahma, a boy is a part of his mother’s heart. How can one reject his own heart? Lady Parvati is presently confused by the influence of the past. But once the clouds of confusion dissolve, the present will be clearly visible. In this form, she will love her so much more than in the past.

Mother, I am over here. Mother, look in this direction. Mother. ‘I do not recognize you.’ ‘You are not my son.’ Why is mother going away from me? ‘We have accomplished our task.’ ‘Then why are we staying back?’ I think we, deities, need to leave now. No, Lord Indra. That time has not yet arrived. Had I been in your place I would not have thought of leaving until Lady Parvati had accepted Her son with the elephant face.

Because if Her fury gets sparked off again and if She assumes Her fierce form all of you will get into trouble again. My Lord is right. All of us need to be present here to support Lady Parvati. As you wish, Lord. ‘No.’ ‘My son. My son is..’ Mother! Kindly come. Kindly come, Mother. Kindly come soon, Mother. It is indeed me, your son! Mother! Where are you going, Mother? Kindly stop, Mother. I am over here. Look in this direction, Mother.

Mother, kindly sing me a lullaby and put me to sleep. Mother, I remember you had sung me a lullaby and had put me to sleep. Kindly sing me a lullaby and put me to sleep on your lap, Mother. ‘No.’ ‘My son..’ Mother. How can I forget you, dear? How can I forget you? How can I accept your elephant face till your memories are in front of me? ‘According to me, his eyes are just like his father’s.’ ‘But his pleasing and endearing smile’ ‘is just like Your smile, Goddess Parvati.’

‘He has a cute smile’ ‘as though it is brightening up’ ‘all the four directions.’ ‘Come, dear.’ ‘Come here.’ ‘I will make your life beautiful with wealth and food.’ ‘Do not praise him so much.’ ‘I hope these praises do not become the reason’ ‘for somebody to cast an evil eye on him.’ Ganesh. An evil eye has been cast on you. Mother. ‘No, this mistake should not have happened.’ I am trying from my heart. But I still cannot see my son in that boy.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 21

I do not feel the love and care towards him. My memories with my son are getting recollected. It reminds me of him and makes me sad. I can see his face wherever I look. I can hear his voice wherever I go. My son left a smile on my face and who brought a pearl for me and who. Mother. My son who brought these berries for me. Who will make me smile now? Mother. Who will bring these berries for me? Mother, I am still the same son.

But why are you sad, Mother? I can still bring a smile to your face. Mother, I can do everything that I had done earlier. Let me bring berries for their mother again and make her happy once more. I flew from here and took the berries last time. I will break these berries. The mother will be happy once again. My new ears, I will get distracted if you move so fast.

Ears, did you see how I fell down? But I will not fail no matter what happens. I will definitely take the berries to convince my mother. Ears, we have not become friends yet. But we are still one. So, please help me. Don’t move so fast. I do not know how to comfort Parvati. We should have been with Parvati earlier itself when this incident took place. You are right, Vijaya. We have come very far to calm our minds after seeing that boy.

But we will have to go back to Parvati without any delay. These stones. Where are these stones falling from? Where are you climbing? What are you trying to do? Boy. Come down. You will get hurt. I think we should go to Parvati and inform her about this. This boy. Let’s go. I will reach the top. Mother will be happy again if I take these berries for her. Mr. Trunk were you not listening while I was explaining to Mr. Ears.

Will I have to explain all the new parts, one by one? It is such an important task. Please don’t stop me from doing it. Help me in doing it. What is it, my lady? You look very tensed. Goddess’s Parvati’s son is trying to climb that steep mountain. Don’t just stand here. Hurry up and go to Lord Mahadev and tell him that his son’s life is in danger. Go! Let’s go! Parvati, come soon. Your son is climbing the mountain. Your son is climbing.

If he falls from such a height I don’t know what will happen. That’s it. I will reach there at any moment. Wait up! What are you doing up there? Get down. What if you fall down? What if you slip? Son! Mother! I could not get the berries for my mother. Mother! Mother! Parvati. Mother! “Hail Lord Ganesh..” ‘He did get saved from falling.’ ‘But he is still in danger.’ ‘He is hanging in the middle.’ Mother, look here. Nothing happened to me. Mother, I am absolutely fine.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

‘He should get down safely, somehow.’ Mr. Trunk, thank you for saving me. But now, the mother is watching me. So I will have to finish my work as soon as possible. If I lose my balance, I’ll land up in a huge mess. Here, I have to concentrate and maintain my balance. I have reached till here. I will go up once again. My Lord, why is he going up, again? Why are you not doing anything to stop him? Say something, my Lord. My Lord, do something. Please bring him down safe and sound.

Lord Mahadev, the Goddess Parvati is worried about her son. And she is pleading you to save him. So please don’t stay quiet. Lord Mahadev, do something. And stop this child from climbing up. Lord Hari Narayan. Like everything that happens in this universe what is happening here, there is a reason for it. And its outcome is final, as well. Think about it and tell me.. Will it be right on my part to interfere in the matters of the son and his mother? ‘Be careful, son.’

You are right, Lord Mahadev. You are right. If somebody is capable of getting mother out from the trauma of the past and making her face the present it is only this child. Therefore, whatever you are doing is absolutely appropriate.

‘Why is he being so headstrong?’ ‘Why is he climbing, again?’ Yes! These are the one’s mother happens to like. If I give them to my mother, she will be impressed, for sure.

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