Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 20 (23 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 20 (23 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 20– Allow us to leave, Lord Shiva. ‘I do not know how Parvati will react’ ‘seeing her son with the new head.’ ‘Bringing the son of Goddess Parvati back to life’ ‘has saved us from her rage.’ ‘I will not let my son get away from me.’ My Lord.. ‘I hope this will end the pain of Goddess Parvati.’ Mother.

My son! My son! “Hail Lord Ganesh! The remover of obstacles!” “Hail Lord Ganesh! The remover of obstacles!” ‘Who is this kid?’ Mother! “We offer vermilion” “to the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.” “Holding Laddus and jaggery in hands..” “I wonder how to describe your mysterious ways. Hail the Lord..” ‘Who is this bizarre kid with the face of an elephant?’ ‘Why is he calling me mother?’ ‘He is not my son.

“Hail Lord Ganesh!” “The one who grants eight boons and eliminates all crisis.” “The one who thwarts obstacles and is the divine form.” “Your radiance is like that of a thousand suns.” “Hail the God with an elephant head” “and is the most powerful ever. Hail Lord Ganesh.” ‘The beautiful face of my son is etched in my heart.’ ‘I created his face by my imagination.’

Who is this kid?’ Mother! ‘What I feared has come to pass!’ ‘She is unable to accept her son being in this form.’ ‘Goddess Parvati has come back.’ ‘What happened to her?’ ‘Mother, I am here to serve you and bring you joy.’ My Lord. ‘The face of an elephant?’ ‘The son of Parvati has the head of an elephant.’ ‘No! This is an act of my Lord.’ ‘Lady Parvati is unable to accept her son in this form’ ‘as she is attached to her son’s previous form.’

But I have to save his gentle heart’ ‘as his mother will abandon him.’ My son, are you fine? You.. ‘You have crossed your limits!’ ‘I had told you earlier’ ‘that I will not allow anyone to cross this line.’ You. Had I not fought you to stop you from going inside? Mother had commanded me that no one should come inside and I had given her my word. ‘I am going for a bath.’

Remember this well.’ ‘Do not let anyone come inside.’ ‘I give you my word, Mother.’ ‘I will not let anyone in.’ I kept my word, Mother. I tried to tell them all but they were adamant. They tried all they could to cross the line I drew in order to get inside. But I did not let anyone walk inside. You had commanded me not to let anyone in and hence I upheld your command.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 20

How can I accept that this kid is my son’ ‘whom I had left outside as I went for a bath?’ My son. The ones you fought were your kin. But due to your arrogance, you could not see the truth. You mocked my appearance but you could not see who I was. You could not see that I am omnipresent. I am your father. My father? You are my father? ‘Father.’ ‘I am known as the all-father’ ‘and yet when he called me father, it brings me such joy.’ Greetings, Father.

May you live long. “Hail Lord Ganesh! Hail Lord Ganesh!” “Hail Lord Ganesh! Hail Lord Ganesh!” Rise, my son. Why did you not tell me earlier that you were my father? My son, you did not give me a chance to do so. ‘I am pleased by your devotion to your mother.’ ‘But I am.. – Enough!’ You did not hear me then and you insulted me. You did not just insult me but you also mocked but Lord Bramha the creator and Lord Vishnu, the preserver.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 20
Vighnaharta Ganesh

Do not fight us. – I will do as I please.’ ‘Leave from here.’ You attacked the guardians who are essential for the survival of nature and the protectors of the realm. You misused your powers granted to you by your mother on Indradev, Vayudev, Agnidev, Kuber, Varundev along with Suryadev, Yamraj, and Serpent King Vasuki.

It was your arrogance. It was this very reason for which I was compelled to decapitate you, dear. Now you have a new head. A new head? It means that I have caused trouble to all driven by my arrogance and now my father had to give me another head. Father, I made a grave mistake. I should not have done such a thing. I ask you all to forgive me for what I have done. Father. I ask you to forgive me as I mocked you.

Is that why my mother is enraged with me? That I mocked Father using the powers that Mother gave me. Mother, as you can see I have changed and I have cast away my arrogance as well. I have asked everyone to forgive me for the mistake I made. Now please forgive me.. ‘Why has Mother turned away from me?’ ‘Why is she going away from me?’ ‘It seems that she has not forgiven me yet.’ ‘She is still enraged at me.’

Goddess Parvati has abandoned this child but she has no fault in this. I wonder if any mother will ever accept this child with an elephant’s face? Impossible. ‘I will go to her and speak to her.’ I will appease her. She loves me a lot.’ ‘She cannot stay angry at me for long.’ You wish to go to your mother, right? – Yes, Father. Certainly. But before that, you should see your face once. Father is right.’ ‘I should see my new face.’

Come, my son. Look into these waters. Go forth. ‘What has happened?’ ‘Is this my head?’ ‘This cannot be my head!’ ‘Your son is even more beautiful than I had imagined.’ ‘Look at his great smile’ that radiates joy to all directions.’ ‘Come to me.’ ‘Let me make you the most beautiful child in the world.’ ‘Come to me.’ ‘I will grant you the wisdom of all the world.’

How can I have such ahead?’ “Hail Lord Ganesh! Hail Lord Ganesh!” “Hail Lord Ganesh! Hail Lord Ganesh!” This face of mine. These big ears of mine. This trunk of an elephant. The trunk is a feature of elephants, Father! Father, why did my head change into one of an elephant. Dear, my trident ends all arrogance. Your head was driven by arrogance. ‘You wear animal hide’ ‘and you have no place to call home.’ ‘When I asked your name you say all names are yours.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

What can I call such a man if not an imposter?’ My trident severed your head to end that arrogance. Something that is burnt by my trident can never be brought back. But your mother had made such a great sacrifice for you and she underwent a harsh penance to earn a blessing from Lord Vishnu and thus gave you life. To uphold the blessing of Lord Vishnu and to grant your mother’s wish for a son and for the great deeds to be done by you in the future I had to give you another head and bring you back to life, dear. But for that, we only got the head of an infant elephant. ‘I am the most beautiful child for my mother.’ ‘Now I see.’

Mother is going away from me because of this form of mine.’ Father, Mother loves my previous form. Now I am no longer the child she thinks is beautiful. And hence she did not speak to me nor accept my greetings. She left without even seeing me or saying anything. No, my child. A mother’s heart carries boundless love for her children. Your mother loves you. And even after a change of your head you still are her son. Have faith.

Eventually, she will love you even more than she did before. She will shower you with all her love. For eternity, this new face of yours will be the one she would hold in her heart. And if you will think about your head you will know that it is times better than your previous head. As you say, Father. I will think about it. Please bless me.

Bless me, Father. May you live long. “Hail Lord Ganesh! The remover of obstacles!” Father, allow me to go and see mother. Certainly. “Mother, my life is dedicated to you.” “Every breath is for you, Mother.” “Now I have to appease Mother.

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