Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 19 (22 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 19 (22 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 19– Lord Vishnu, this. This elephant. – Not only an elephant but a newly born elephant. My Lord. What are you saying? Goddess Parvati’s son’s head will be replaced by this baby elephant’s head. How is this possible? Try to recall. Lord Shiva did not say that we have to take along a human head mandatorily.

As per Lord Shiva the first infant we find lying or sitting facing south we need to take its head along. This baby elephant is newly born and is facing south as well. Lord Vishnu, this female elephant is its mother. When she wakes up and finds her baby missing she too will get filled with rage. Then, she might create havoc and cause destruction. No, Lord Surya.

After giving birth mother showers her affection on the baby. She embraces the baby affectionately and nourishes him. Not even for a second, she takes her eyes off the baby but on the contrary, this elephant is sleeping facing the other side. It means, she is not aware of her baby. She has abandoned her baby completely. And this infant is all alone in this world despite being so close to its mother. It needs a mother.

Whereas over there, a mother is eager to be with her son. ‘After death, this infant elephant’ ‘shall find a place in heaven.’ Whom does this trap belong to? Who is the one to come and tie this baby? Lord Vishnu. Lord Indra and all the deities. Greetings to you all. Greetings, Lord Yama. But.. You are here? What brings you here? Lord Indra, I am here to perform my duty. I am here to end this baby elephant’s life.

But Lord Yama Lord Shiva has instructed us that an infant, facing south. We have to take its head to Him. And as per his instructions, this infant is perfect. These are the mysterious ways of Lord Shiva. This baby elephant is destined to die early. Lord Yama came here to grant him death and we came here to collect his head at the same time.

It means, Lord Shiva does not wish us to deprive a baby the right to live and grant its head to His son. When this baby elephant is about to die there is nothing wrong with taking away its head. This is what is called God’s justice. Lord Vishnu before you take the head of this baby elephant allow me to grant him death. ‘It has been so long’ ‘and my son is still lifeless.’ Lord Shiva.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 19
Vighnaharta Ganesh

‘Lord Vishnu and other deities are coming back.’ ‘It means they succeeded in their endeavor.’ ‘Now I shall reunite with my son.’ ‘But the head is nowhere to see’ ‘which Lord Vishnu and other deities have brought.’ ‘Now my son’s head will be replaced.’ As per your instructions, we have brought ahead. Lord Surya, take this head inside that cave where my son’s body is kept. As you say, My Lord.

My Lord, I still have a doubt. We have brought an infant’s head but who will attach it to the body of your and Goddess Parvati’s son? Lord Indra, being the king of the deities you should be aware of its answer. Ashwini Kumars will do it, Indra. You already know that they are skillful surgeons. Tell me. Am I right? Yes, My Lord.

– Lord Indra must be aware of how Ashwini Kumars replaced Sage Dadhyanga’s head after severing it. Sage Dadhyanga was aware of divine knowledge. The knowledge by which deities can attain the highest level of divinity. Lord Indra tried to learn it from him. I am Lord Indra and I am here to learn the divine knowledge. Kindly agree to teach me.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 19

Lord Indra, only those are eligible to learn this art who will not misuse it under any circumstances. You are the lord of the deities for sure but I am not sure if granting this knowledge to you would be beneficial for the world. Sage! You have dared to refuse me. If I cannot learn this then no one else can.

Remember this! If you ever grant this knowledge to anyone else be ready to bear dire consequences! I shall sever your head from your body! ‘But Sage Dadhyanga refused’ ‘to grant this knowledge to Lord Indra.’ ‘But after some time’ ‘Ashwini Kumars went to Sage Dadhyanga’ ‘to learn the divine knowledge.’ Sage! Greetings, Sage. Sage, we are here to learn divine knowledge. With this knowledge, we will become more skillful.

‘If you ever’ ‘grant this knowledge to anyone else’ ‘be ready to bear dire consequences!’ ‘I shall’ ‘sever your head from your body!’ ‘I have to use gestures to tell them’ ‘about Lord Indra’s warning.’ Do not worry. We are skilled surgeons and we are capable of attaching any severed body part. ‘In this way, sage will grant’ ‘this knowledge to Ashwini Kumars, indirectly’ ‘and if Lord Indra, out of rage’ ‘sever his head’ ‘it will only be..’

‘But Lord Indra found out about this.’ ‘He got filled with rage.’ ‘Because Sage Dadhyanga dared to teach Ashwini Kumars’ ‘despite his warning.’ Sage Dadhyanga! ‘After that, Ashwini Kumars’ ‘revived Sage Dadhyanga’ ‘by attaching his head’ ‘using the knowledge of saving a life.’ May you be prosperous. You have not only saved my life but also saved me from breaching my duty. Being your teacher it was my duty to grant divine knowledge to eligible students like you.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

If due to Lord Indra’s fear I had refused to teach you I would have breached my duty. They are skillful surgeons also they have the knowledge of saving a life. That is why to replace the head of Their son it is obvious to summon them and appropriate as well. They are capable of saving Your son’s life by replacing his head. Greetings, My Lord. Greetings, deities. Ashwini Kumars, at my behest Lord Vishnu, Lord Indra, and other deities have brought the head of a newly born.

You are the lord of medicines that is why only you are capable of replacing my son’s head. It will be an honor for us, Lord Shiva. You may begin now. Deities. Do not worry, Parvati. Soon, You will be reunited with Your son. Lord Shiva, we will attach the head to the child’s body. But he was killed by Your trident. that is the reason we cannot bring him back to life. Lord Shiva Only You can bring him alive. We have completed our task. – We have completed our task.

I am getting anxious now. I can see with my divine sight however, in the quest of seeing things myself I fear I may become distraught. Goddess Saraswati could you see and tell me what’s going on there? Goddess Parvati Lord Shiva is bestowing life upon your son. His legs. What more! Now his body is coming back to life.

Please tell me more! What is happening now? Now his hands and his arms are coming back to life! Please keep saying about it! What is happening now? And now his heart is beginning to function. What happened? Why did you stop? Why are you not telling me anything? Well. Goddess Parvati as I said Lord Shiva is bestowing life to your son. ‘No.’ ‘There is something she is hiding from me.’ ‘I will go there and see it for myself.

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