Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 18 (21 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 18 (21 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 18– Calm down, Parvati. You will definitely get your son. Not because you’re wreaking havoc but it’s because your wish to get a son is mighty. Because without asking you I blessed the Gods because by undertaking such a harsh prayer to get a son you were blessed by Lord Hari to get a beautiful son. Owing to these reasons, I’ll certainly give you your son. A son, who is unique, divine, different from others, and free of ego.

My vows will not go unfulfilled, Parvati. That’s why, calm down. It appears that She is no longer furious. Uma. Goddess Parvati, get a hold of yourself. I want to see my son. How can I be calm unless I see him? Dear. Be kind to this mother. Bring my son back to life immediately. I haven’t even fed him food yet. I need to show him how much I love him. I want to feed him with my own hands. I want to coddle him. I want to display my love and affection for him.

I request to you, dear. Fulfill your promise. Bring my son back to life. Bring him back to life. Goddess, He isn’t at fault. This is all because of me. I’m your culprit. I’m the one to be blamed for this incident. How, Sage Kashyapa? What has all of this got to do with you? It has got something to do with me, Goddess. This is connected to my curse. A long time ago, Shiv had two profound devotees. Mali and Sumali. And Shiv blessed them to protect them.

Sons, I’m happy with your meditation and devotion. I bless you with protection. After this, Mali and Sumali fought with the Sun God wherein, the Sun God was ready to kill Mali and Sumali. Then Mali and Sumali’s protector Shiv had to appear to protect them. He used His trident on the Sun God and knocked him off his chariot, in a state of comatose.

That is when I, Lord Surya’s father, reached over there. And that is when I had witnessed my son’s body lying in a pathetic condition on the ground. And then affected by wrath and sorrow I delivered an extremely malefic curse to Lord Shiva. Because of You, my son is lying before me in a dying state today. Similarly, you will injure your son with your trident Lord Shiva! At that point, You had not let my son die, Lord Shiva. But I had already delivered the curse.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 18

That had prevailed due to which all these incidents occurred here. But, Oh, Lord Shiva! You are extremely compassionate. You are the source of all lives. Hence, accept my request and do free me from my guilt. To revive your son, Lord Shiva. If You wish, this would certainly be possible. Sage that is what I am about to try doing now. I shall take Your leave now. Farewell, Lord Shiva. Farewell, Goddess.

Deities do wash the corpse of my son with the sacred water of Lake Mansarovar and place it inside that cave. Believe me, Lady. It is by this ritual that I will be able to revive him. ‘What is the matter, Mother?’ ‘Why do you look worried?’ ‘Kindly tell me, Mother, the reason for your worry.’ ‘It is to dispel all your worries that I have come’ ‘into this world.’ ‘My mother’s lap is my whole world.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 18
Vighnaharta Ganesh

‘What are you doing, dear?’ ‘I will tell you right away, Mother.’ No. I will not be able to endure it anymore. Kindly revive my son, my beloved. Be patient, Uma. Without ahead, I cannot give him life. His head has been forever destroyed by the strike of my trident. But there is a solution even for that. We need to fix his torso to some other head. That is when I will be able to revive my son.

What! Someone else’s head will be fixed on to my son’s torso! Whose head will that be? Kindly answer me! Whose head will be given to my son? I have given my word to you, Uma. I will certainly revive your son. Hence, have faith that whatever happens will be appropriate. ‘But, Lord, he has to shoulder someone else’s head.’ From where will we get someone else’s head, Lord? Deities, all of your head towards the North.

In that direction, whichever new-born child is spotted by you first, that has been born a while ago, do bring its head. That head will become this boy’s head. And while performing this task, keep two things in mind. Do bring the head of the new-born child that is lying facing South. And this task should be completed within six hours. Or else I will be incapable of reviving my son.

‘If we do not find any head within six hours’ ‘it will spark off Goddess Parvati’s fury again.’ ‘This is what is worrying me but how do I express it before Her?’ ‘Just a couple of hours!’ ‘That is all the time left to find ahead for my son’ ‘and to make him alive once again.’ We can definitely try, Lord Indra. But that’s a very short duration of time. Lord Surya, this is Lord Mahadev’s order.

We should believe his words and begin our journey very soon. And without delay, we should head towards the North. Wait, Lord Indra. I, too will come along to help you. Do not worry, Goddess Parvati. Just as I kept up to my promise of releasing Mahadev from the captivity of Gajasur I, with all other Lords will try our best not to disappoint you.

‘Lord, thanks a lot’ ‘to give me assurance by saying so.’ My only wish is that my son gets a new lease on life. Have faith in me, Uma. I am right here, dear. Close to you. I am waiting for you just the way you were waiting for me outside the entrance. I will not go away leaving you. I am right here and I will be here. Just come back soon, dear. Come back soon. We are losing time and we have not found any newborn child. There is nothing but the forest till a long distance.

There is no sign of life. – Lord, if we continue heading towards the North we will get deep inside the forest. Where can we find a newborn child inside this forest? Lords, North is the best among directions. This direction has the essence of life. The source of positivity is located in the North direction. So, get over your doubts and go further.

Because if you feel we are heading towards the deep forest Lord Mahadev has already seen the future with his divine vision. The source of new beginnings in the lives of Goddess Parvati and Lord Mahadev can definitely be found in the North. But Lord Hari, killing a newborn child for our selfishness is not right. Lord of fire Lord Mahadev is omniscient. Nothing is hidden from him. He knows everything.

If he has said so there is definitely some hidden meaning. So, just believe his words and keep moving as per his orders. Anyway, when I am with you for your help what are you worried about? This. This sound of a child’s cry is coming from this direction. We should be heading in this direction. Dear, no worries. Easy. My sweetheart. Love, calm down. Please don’t cry. I am here with you so please don’t cry.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

Darling, calm down. Come on. This is for certain that this has to be the child that Lord Shiva told us about. – Right. Absolutely. He is the answer to all our issues. Lord Varun, no. You are mistaken. Mistaken? Lord Vishnu, how is that? This is a boy an infant. I mean, we need to carry his head, right? Lord Indra this child is an infant for sure however, Lord Shiva had instructed us specifically.

‘Bring the head of that infant’ ‘who is lying with his face directed’ ‘towards the South direction.’ And this infant is facing towards the West. Hence his head is unsuitable for Goddess Parvati’s son. ‘Lord Shiva has certainly sent us here’ ‘but I cannot wipe the doubts that creeping up in my heart.’ Lords, it is useless to keep staring at this child. It has been more than three hours now. We have to speed up and find a suitable infant. Lords, please come.

I hear someone around! Someone is there for sure! It is possible that he must be that child who will provide us with a suitable head. Lord Agni had an inkling so we should pay attention to what he said. Towards this direction. Lord Vishnu, please come. Lord Vishnu look at this. This. Look at her and her infant child. He is so beautiful. Mother Parvati would be ecstatic to see him. ‘You all head towards the North direction’.

‘The first infant child that you see’ ‘and the one’ ‘who is a newborn’. ‘Get his head over here.’ Lords, you all are making the same mistake. Lord Shiva had specifically instructed us that we need to find the head of a new-born child. However, this benevolent child is not a newly born infant. He seems to be around a year old. Lords, please be patient. We still have considerable time left. We should not halt any longer. Lords, please come.

Let us move forward. ‘Even the visuals of wild animals would be rare in here.’ ‘Then why is Lord Vishnu taking us deeper in the forest?’ ‘Even after being with Lord Vishnu’ ‘I still have doubts in my heart.’ ‘Would we be able to find the head of any new-born child?’ ‘Where will we find a child, over here?’ ‘It looks like’ ‘our search ends right here.

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