Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 17 (20 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 17 (20 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 17– Mahadev! It is not appropriate for Goddess Parvati to get violent. Stop Her! If she does not listen to Mahadev then you must make Her understand. Lord, the deities must understand. Who did not give importance to Goddess Parvati’s son? Even I am with Goddess Parvati in this massacre. No one shall be alive. I shall destroy everything.

Kali! Tara! Shashi! Bhuvneshwari! Bhairavi! Chinmastika! Dhumvati! Baglamukhi! Matangi! Kamla! ‘No one shall be safe’ ‘by Goddess’ fierce avatar’ ‘and the divine powers created by her anger.’ I shall not just destroy the deities on Kailash but I shall finish everyone in this universe. I shall eliminate everyone! ‘These 64 powers have been created’ ‘from Goddess’s body.’ ‘They are going to attack us.’

Goddess! – No, Goddess! Goddess! – No, Goddess! Save us. – Help.. – Help.. ‘Seems like, these 64 divine powers’ ’10 scriptures are approaching us’ ‘in order to destroy us.’ I shall certainly punish all of you for this misdeed. My rage shall destroy the identity of all the deities. The fire of my wrath shall turn all of you into ashes! No one shall be alive.

I shall destroy everyone! Goddess! – Spare us! – Lord, help us. Spare us! We beg your forgiveness! Help. Help.. – Help.. – Help. Devraj, find a solution to protect us from these divine powers. The 10 scriptures have captivated all the deities. And the 64 divine powers are there to support Her. Everything will be destroyed! The rage of Goddess Adishakti is like a volcano.

It holds the assassinator within as long as it is calm. But when it erupts, it destroys everything. Run.. – Where were you trying to escape? Help.. – Goddess Durga has given us a command that no one can go from here. Save us! Goddess, spare us! – Help. Save us! Goddess, spare us! – Help. Save us! Goddess, spare us! – Help.. ‘Goddess Parvati shall kill everyone.’ ‘Everything shall be destroyed.’ ‘The world shall come to an end.’ All of you get scattered.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 17

Stay away from each other. And use your weapons in order to protect yourselves. Deities! Protect yourselves. Protect yourself. I have been surrounded. I will have to do something. It is strange. My attack is not affecting them. Vayu Dev! Today, neither your weapons nor your divine powers shall be able to protect you from Adishakti’s anger. No one shall protect you.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 17
Vighnaharta Ganesh

Spare us! – Allow us to go. Spare us! – Allow us to go. Leave us. Spare us! – Allow us to go. Agni Dev! Where are you trying to escape? Stop! Accept your punishment. Do not try to catch me. All of you will turn into ashes if you try to fight my security shield. Whose scream is this? Goddess Tara in her huge form! Lord Agni! How shall you protect yourself from me? ‘Parvati’s sorrow is becoming her wrath.’

It’s impossible to stop Her!’ ‘Goddess Bhuvneshwari and Goddess Kamla!’ ‘The way they are gathering their power’ ‘no one shall be alive!’ ‘If I get converted into the water’ ‘then I can easily fight their power.’ ‘No one can finish me in water.’ Lord Varun! Lord Varun! Lord Varun, You will have to be punished. I am Yama. It is better if You stay away from me. Stay away from me. ‘These sages will not let me go anywhere.’ ‘Goddess Dhumavati seems to be weak’ ‘due to Her old age.’

She will not be able to catch me’ ‘if I run faster.’ Stop, Yamraj. Where are you going? Do not make the mistake of thinking I am weak. Yamraj, get inside Goddess Durga’s stomach now. Save us. Save us. Save us. This will cause the destruction of all the Gods and being Lord Indra, I cannot let this happen. I will have to do something.

Lord Indra, You are very proud of Your powers, right? Along with the Gods, even Your powers will be destroyed. Lord Indra! ‘Goddess Kali?’ Goddess. Goddess, forgive me. Forgive me, Goddess. I made a big mistake, Goddess. Lord Indra! No, this is not possible. ‘Lord Indra needs to be saved.’ Lord Surya, think about saving Yourself before You save Lord Indra. Lord Surya! I had told You that nobody will survive today. I will kill everyone.

Lord Shiva, only You can calm this ferocious form of Goddess Parvati and save this universe from destruction. Lord Shiva, do something quickly. Otherwise, Goddess Parvati may cause a flood. I was waiting that Goddess Parvati will calm down on Her own once She vents Her anger. But Her anger is only increasing. I will have to make Her calm down and stop this destruction. You had killed my son with a trident.

Parvati, if Your anger will cool down only by killing somebody then I am here. I am Your culprit. Swallow me and kill me, Goddess. ‘No, how can I do this?’ ‘I will have to forget my anger.’ Parvati, he was not just Yours, but my son too. Parvati, it is true that I made a mistake. A father holds his son’s hands and teaches him to walk on this earth. He guides his son. But I ended up killing my own son.

But what else could I do? He had made me helpless. Uma, I had recognized him. But the truth is due to his lack of knowledge he could not recognize his father. He could not understand my powers and know that I am Lord Shiva. I reside in every human being. Due to his lack of knowledge, he did not give a chance to explain anything. You gave birth to him, Parvati. But You did not get the chance to teach him good values.

That is why he was very egoistic and I had to destroy that ego. Just how it was important to destroy Lord Brahma’s ego by beheading Him and how it was important to destroy Prajapati Daksh’s ego I have destroyed our son’s ego in a similar fashion. Parvati, it is true that I am the father of the universe. But everyone is free to lead his life as per his terms after he takes birth.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

This was the outcome of the path chosen by our son. He had to pay a price for the same. Lord, he was not Lord Brahma or Prajapati Daksh. He was an innocent kid who was born a little while ago. He did not have the chance to learn anything. He was following his mother’s orders. You killed him for that. I cannot accept this decision of Yours, Lord. I want my son back. That is when my anger will reduce.

This is definitely possible if You want because You are the controller of life. Lord Shiva, the Lord of the Lords return my son to me. Otherwise, get ready to face the consequences of my anger. I cannot remain alive after losing my son. I want my son. Make my son alive. You are omnipotent. You can do anything. Make my son alive because somebody who cannot give life does not have the right to take somebody’s life either. Make him alive.

Otherwise, the fire of my anger will destroy the earth. Save us, Lord. Listen to our plea. Save us. – Save us from being destroyed. Save us. – Save us. Save us, Lord. – ‘How will Lord Shiva’ ‘make Goddess Parvati forget Her anger?’ ‘I hope I do not become Her target this time.’ Calm down, Goddess Parvati. You will definitely get Your son back.

What is Lord Shiva saying?’ ‘Will Goddess Parvati’s son become alive again

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