Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 16 (19 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 16 (19 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 16– I am your culprit, Parvati. I am the one who has slain your son. I am your culprit, Parvati. Are you the one who killed my son! But why My Lord? I wonder what offense that boy had committed! Kindly answer me! Why did you give my son? Why did you sentence that innocent boy to die? I have asked you something.

Kindly answer me! Despite explaining the reason for her son’s death to a mother her heart will not understand it, Uma. And what do I tell you? The sad truth is that it was my trident who took his life by separating his head from his torso. ‘The boy who had just taken birth..’ ‘The one who had not even known this world’ ‘met with such a tragic end’ ‘with this sharp trident of my Lord.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 16
Vighnaharta Ganesh

I wonder how great he would have suffered’ ‘while dying.’ ‘Why? Why did this happen?’ The one who was a part of my heart. The one who had been born from my imagination. The one who was obeying my order. For which fault of his did you give him such a gruesome punishment? How did you dare to separate his head! ‘Goddess Mahashakti’s fury is getting sparked off.

If the Goddess gets furious, she is likely to give us’ ‘severe punishment.’ ‘Whatever happened is very distressing, Uma.’ ‘But even I am not exempted from the cycle of destiny.’ ‘How do I explain this to you?’ Forgive us, Goddess. Goddess, we ended up making a grave mistake. Goddess, we were not aware that this boy is your son. Goddess, he had stopped me as well as the Lord from entering inside. ‘Kindly stop.’

Nobody is permitted to enter inside.’ Goddess, when we tried to enter by opposing him he defeated us and reduced us to a miserable condition. But, Goddess, in that, the fault was ours. The Lord had just. ‘Such a fury has sparked in Goddess Mahashakti’ ‘that she has sent Nandi into the vast expanse of the sky.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 16

My son did not allow anyone to go inside, right? Was that his mistake as per you? Since when has the following mother’s order become a sin to you, Lord Indra? I had asked my son to not let anyone come inside. Tell me. Answer me. Is it wrong for a son to follow his mother’s words with full dedication? He should have been rewarded for that.

And you all created a situation to punish him? Without knowing the truth and fact you all kept instigating him by getting into a war against him. You could not keep some patience. All the Gods got united and kept showing their rage against a child? You all forced my son to obey his mother’s order by risking his life.

Why did you do that? You did not think even once who that normal-looking child could be who stopped you from going inside the room, the one who defeated all of you with his power. And if he had stopped you you should have waited for some time. I was about to come hereafter taking a bath and finishing other tasks. I would have introduced him to all of you. But how could the ego of Gods accept the fact that a minor child is challenging their powers? Tell me.

What important task in the universe was getting spoiled since you were not entering the cave of Lord Shiva? All the Gods got into a war against a child? Is that your valor? Against one child. Only one child. What harm had he done to anyone? Was he asking your position from you, Indra? My son my beloved my obedient son. He was following his mother’s order, my order. Tell me.

Will any son in the universe follow his mother’s order after this incident? Will any son have that much courage? You know. How long I have waited for the birth of my son. How long I have yearned to get a son. Do you even know how much pain I have been through to give birth to a son? Tell me. Do you know? I am the absolute power.

That absolute power was devoted to you in the form of ‘Sati’. I went against my father, Prajapati Daksh. So that I can marry you. Enough. Sati! That’s not possible at any cost. I won’t let you marry that hermit Shiva! After enduring a lot of pain, by Lord Bramhadev’s grace, our wedding got solemnized. My troubles didn’t end even after marrying him. As you were not invited by my father for the oblation in order to save your honor, I sacrificed my life.

Sati had killed herself but her wishes were not fulfilled. So, I reincarnated and meditated for years just to please you and give birth to a son. But you meditated for years. You never even realized it. I somehow managed to marry you and when I wanted to bear a son other Gods approached you with their troubles. Promise us that you and Parvati won’t bear a child in the future. You asked my elder son to help the Gods. I had no problems with that.

I meditated again to bear a second child. Bless me with such a child who has all the qualities of the Lord. Fine. I was delighted to give birth to a son. My Lord, along with all the deities you eliminated my son brutally. Lord, isn’t your trident meant to protect your devotees and near and dear ones from the wicked? You killed your son with the help of that trident. Tell me, Lord.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh Are you capable of doing something else other than beheading someone? I hope you remember that you had beheaded Lord Bramhadev in Kaalbhairav’s avatar during the inception of the creation. Then in Veerbhadra’s avatar, you had beheaded King Daksh as well. “Hail the Lord.” But this time you have crossed your limits. Instead of caring for your son, you beheaded him. You are the most powerful. You are the Lord.

But this doesn’t mean you have the authority to kill anyone as you wish. You didn’t even spare your son. Can’t you control your anger at all? I want my son to be alive. Aren’t you the Lord? Revive my son! Bring him back to life and tell him to call me a mother. Take some appropriate step, Mahadev. Do something or even I will lose control over myself. My son. My son who is close to my heart. The son whom I gave birth to.

Why, Lord Shiva? Why! Why did you take such a drastic step? Why! Lady Parvati’s rage has reached its frenzy. ‘And if she takes the form of her dark side’ ‘she will go on a rampage.’ If you do not want to bring him back to life then I will bring him to life. I created him and gave him life. Then only I will bring him a second lease of life.

Dear, how do I explain to you’ ‘that all your efforts are futile!’ What is happening? Why am I not able to construct his head? Why am I not able to bring him back to life? When I am trying to mold his head. Why is it scattering? Stop, Uma. Your efforts are futile. I am his mother. My efforts cannot go in vain. This body has been incinerated with the strike of my trident. And nobody can be brought back to life after being struck with my trident.

His body has been destroyed forever. Then everything will be destroyed! If my son cannot be brought back to life I will create destruction of such magnitude that even the universe will not be spared. You all have taken women for granted.

No matter what happens or whatever you all do you expect women to tolerate everything peacefully? No! If women can give birth they can destroy it! There will be destruction everywhere now! Nothing will be left! Lord Shiva, Lady Parvati becoming enraged is not good for the world. Stop her. If she does not listen to Lord Shiva you made her understand, dear. It is the Gods that have to understand now, dear. Lady Parvati’s son held no value for them. I support Lady Parvati in this endeavor.

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