Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 15 (17 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 15 (17 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 15 – Does anyone have the capability to douse the fire of rage in Lady Parvati? No one can get away from her fury. Am I right, Yamraj? You might be aware. When you went to take the life of devotee Markandeya you accidentally insulted Mahadev. Do you remember what the consequences were? ‘Hey! Your lifespan is up.’ ‘Come along with me. I, Yamraj, am here to get you.’ ‘Stop chanting and come out.’ ‘Present yourself for your death.’ ‘I cannot come with you at this moment.

‘My aged parents need me.’ ‘I am a devotee of Mahadev.’ ‘So, you cannot take me.’ ‘Mahadev has assigned this job to me, dear.’ ‘When one’s lifespan is up, I am supposed to take their life.’ ‘No one can get away from me when it is time.’ ‘It does not matter whether you are Shiva’s devotee’ ‘or Vishnu’s.’ ‘Everyone becomes helpless before me, dear.’ ‘Hence, do not waste any more time.

‘Give up your obstinacy and come out.’ ‘What do you think, dear?’ ‘That I will be unsuccessful to take you along’ ‘if you do not come out?’ ‘I am now going to pull your life out.’ ‘How did this happen?’ ‘How did my rope burn?’ ‘I am certain that this is his ploy.

‘But I shall punish him for this!’ ‘How dare Yamraj’ ‘touch the Shivlinga, my husband!’ “Mahadeva.” “Mahadeva.” “Mahadeva.” “Mahadeva.” ‘Hey! You may do what you want’ ‘but I am going to get you!’ ‘You are destined to die!’ ‘Ardhanarishvara is here to protect this boy!’ ‘Mahadev!’ ‘Mahadev, please keep your trident back’ ‘or it will be a disaster!’ ‘The Lord of Death shall die, Mahadev!’ ‘Mahadev!’ Do you remember, Yamraj? That is when the Lords got together and prayed to Lady Parvati to bring you back to life. So that nature may function normally. Then, Lady Parvati calmed down and gave you life. But today.

Today, her son was killed. I wonder what destruction her rage will cause now. No woman can ever forgive the one who harms her husband or child. Lady Parvati shall soon be here. Who will control her, then? Answer me. ‘Oh, dear Lord! We did not know who this boy was!’ Lord, you did not know that he was Lady Parvati’s son. But I was well aware of who he was.

‘This boy was not only Parvati’s son’ ‘but my son as well.’ ‘We are one, after all.’ ‘Hence, my son will be your son too.’ ‘A woman is not complete’ ‘until she becomes a mother.’ ‘Please give me a child, my Lord.’ ‘I am so unfortunate!’ ‘The Lords have snatched my right to become a mother.’ ‘Do not be so selfish, Lord.’ ‘Do not try to separate a son from his mother.’ ‘My son shall not separate from me.’ ‘I will not allow you to do that either.

‘You will have to observe this fast all alone.’ ‘Will you be able to stay away from me’ ‘for such a long time?’ ‘If this is what needs to be done to have a child’ ‘then I will bear with it.’ ‘Why. Why is everything trembling?’ Mahadev is the epitome of stability. The world resides in him.

And today, when he is unstable himself it is natural for the world to tremble. And this instability will not be limited to Kailash alone. If we do not find a solution to this then this instability will affect the entire universe. The Lord should not stay here. It is not right for us to be here. – Stop. Where will you hide from Lady Parvati? There is no place for you to hide in the universe.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

Lady Parvati, who can view the universe at once and in whom the universe resides you cannot hide from her. In spite of being Adi Shakti, Lady Parvati has renounced her powers and is leading her life as a regular housewife. But when she comes to know that her son has been killed she will not take long to recall her powers. And that is when her rage will awaken.

Have the courage to face her fury, Lord. Because all of you Lords are equally responsible for this disaster. Lady. Lady Parvati is here. ‘My son is not to be seen. Where is he hiding?’ What is the matter? All the Lords have gathered here today! Lord Brahma and Narayan are here too? Is everything all right? Is the world threatened by a demon? Lord Brahma. Lord Vishnu. Greetings to all the Lords. Even if there is trouble, no one needs to fear.

All of you shall certainly find a way to avert the disaster. Hey! My friends. What happened? Why are my friends crying? Did something happen? All of you are here. You all look sad. What is the reason? No one is saying anything. I am certain that something terrible has happened. I am petrified. Someone, please tell me what happened. ‘How do we tell you, Lady Parvati?’ ‘You will be deeply hurt to know what has happened.’ ‘Your dear ones have betrayed you.

My Lord! My Lord is here? He should have come straight to me if he was back. Why is he sitting alone here? My Lord! My Lord is here? He should have come straight to me if he was back. Why is he sitting alone here? And my son. Where is my son? Son. Why is he not to be seen? My Lord, please tell me.

What was that? Who is that over there? Who is lying over there? ‘She will know the truth now.’ ‘We cannot hide it any longer.’ ‘Whose tiny hands and legs are these?’ ‘Who is this? Is he..’ ‘Mother, I am here to serve you and make me happy.’ ‘Tell me what worries you, Mother.’ ‘I was born to take all your worries away.’ ‘Mother, I will never leave you.’ ‘I will always be with you. I promise you.’ How could this happen? My son.

His life had only begun now. How did he die? My son was Narayan’s boon. How could he leave me his mother? Who had the guts to do this! Who killed my son! I ask, who was it! Answer me! Who dare kill my son! Why are you not answering me! Who committed this crime! Who was it! Who killed my son! My Lord, you tell me.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 15

Who committed this heinous crime? Who killed my son? I obtained my son after observing those tedious fasts. Then, I heard of your arrival and I went to bathe. All the Lords were with you. Hence, I made him stand at the gate to guard me. But my Lord how did such a disaster happen in such a short span of time? Answer me, my Lord.

How did this disaster happen! Who dare do this! Who is it that wants to have a ruthless death! Who wants to fall prey to my rage! Who is it? Who killed my son to become my worst enemy! I am your culprit, Parvati. I killed your son.

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