Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 12 (12 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 12 (12 October 2020)

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Vighnaharta Ganesh– We must stop this at once or else, this child will get affected by the poison of Vasuki and that’s not what we want. This child possesses legendary powers or else, he could not have been able to withstand the poison of Vasuki. No, this is not right. No matter what, he is just a child. What is happening, Lord Dhanvantari? Please find a solution to this.

Lord Dhanvantari! ‘Lady, I will prepare an antidote’ ‘to reduce the impact of the poison.’ Thank you, Lord Dhanvantari. ‘You had told me that you will’ ‘always protect me, right?’ ‘And even I, your mother, will always protect you.’ ‘I have regained my vision owing to the blessing’ ‘Mother had given me.’ Firstly, you had promised that you will use just your strength.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 12
Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 12

But you have used your mystical powers against me! I had outdone you in both strengths and might. And so, you resorted to your mystical powers! I was bitten by the poisonous snake. I will make you pay for this now! The poison can get spilled all over us now! Be careful! Are you done competing? You people have been defeated.

Now, leave this place. We will cross the line now, come what may! Hey, the King of snakes is about to land on us. ‘Hey. What is he up to now?’ ‘He has constricted me!’ You stubborn child! Now, stop us if you can! Get off me, now! – Now, he will realize that it is not his cup of tea to stop us from God’s. ‘Do you realize how powerful I am now?’ ‘This is your punishment for being too stubborn.’ Punishment? You will be the one to get punished.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 12

For trying to enter the mansion without taking mother’s permission! ‘You stubborn child! I will not’ ‘tolerate your stubbornness anymore.’ ‘I will attack you with my poison.’ My son. He is still outside. I wonder what he is doing there. ‘He must be busy doing the activities.’ Don’t make the mistake of underestimating me. I will set myself free of your hold right away! My mystical stick.

Don’t let them cross the line! ‘His hold is getting loose gradually.’ ‘This is the right moment.’ Who stopped us now? Look there, Suryadeva. The mystical stick of that child! How dare he use his stick to stop us? Don’t stop. March forward! What is this? These sticks have held us captive. This stick belonging to that child cannot be potent enough to stop us all. You are right, Agnideva. We will use our powers to set ourselves free.

Please use your powers, all of you! ‘Hey, this is great fun!’ ‘Keep swinging your head like this.’ ‘I am about to land on the ground.’ ‘How do I escape now?’ ‘I cannot think of a way to escape from him now.’ Why hasn’t Shiva returned yet? I am worried, waiting for him for so long. But, Parvati. You cannot help but wait for Him. I can well make some Kheer to welcome Him. And I will serve him the good news of the birth of our son along with the Kheer.

And we will have to perform the ‘Annaprashana’ for our son. Please be right here, the two of you. I will make the Kheer myself. And I will feed him that. I am sure that my son is feeling hungry as he has been competing for so long. “Hail Lord Ganesha..” “Hail Lord Ganesha..” “Hail Lord Ganesha. The dispeller of dangers.” “Hail Lord Ganesha..” “Hail Lord Ganesha. The dispeller of dangers.” “Hail Lord Ganesha. The dispeller of dangers.” “Hail Lord Ganesha. The dispeller of dangers.”

“Hail Lord Ganesha. The dispeller of dangers.” “Hail Lord Ganesha. The dispeller of dangers.” “Hail Lord Ganesha. The dispeller of dangers.” My mystical stick! Please come to me! You child! You have made a blunder my challenging Gods as powerful and as wrathful as we are! I will set myself free from this cage in no time! ‘This is surely something very powerful..’

‘Powerful enough to stop me, Suryadeva!’ ‘So this is how powerful you are!’ ‘You couldn’t set yourself free from this cage!’ ‘I don’t believe this! How could we Gods lose’ ‘against an insignificant child!?’ ‘Parvati’s son’s adventurousness has crossed all limits.’ ‘and I am worried about it.’ ‘I hope he doesn’t sustain any harm.’ Lady, I am aware of what is worrying you.

Ganesha episode 12

Lord, then why don’t you let the Gods know who he really is? Why don’t you tell them that he is Ganesha, Lady Parvati’s son, and stop this unnecessary battle? Dear when Lord Shiva Himself is calm and so is Lord Vishnu it won’t be appropriate for me to interfere in this and let the Gods know of the truth. Have faith. Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu’s calmness is not for no reason. ‘They have made me tired. I feel hungry.’ ‘I can have some milk only when I go in.’

What is this? He is just having a fruit and we can feel tremors here? What is this sound? What is this tremor about? Such a gigantic form! Such a huge, milky white elephant! Amazing! This elephant is incredible. It is so huge. Lord Indra Himself has come down to protect us. This child will be no match to His powers. Who are you and why did you hit the fruit with your arrow? I was eating that! I am Indra the Lord of the Lords! And I am angry with you for your stubbornness.

Keep this in mind. I will not show you any mercy. Get off my way! Or else, be ready to get punished severely! Punishment? I will be the one to punish them all who dare to stop me from carrying out my mother’s orders. Just like the way I punished all those who came to confront me, taking up different forms. Calm down, Airavata! Don’t lose balance.

I have just started displaying my powers. And you are already backing off. So, this is how powerful the Lord of Lords, Indra, is! Your arrogant child! You dare insult me, the Lord of the Lords, Indra! I will not let you have any second chance just because you are a child! As if I need that! Please try your best, just like the rest of the Gods did.

I will teach you a lesson now, child! You will have to pay for this! Please go ahead. Lord Indra is about to use his mystical lighting. This child will not be able to withstand the immense power this lightning emanates. ‘This weapon of Lord Indra’s’ ‘seems to be filled with endless energy!’ ‘But even this will not be able to harm me.’

‘He has rendered my lightning useless!’ ‘How can he possess such legendary powers?’ Now, you try and dodge my attack, Lord Indra! Calm down, Airavata! Don’t lose balance. Calm down, Airavata! “Hail Lord Ganesha..” “Hail Lord Ganesha..” ‘Who is this child?’ ‘How can he give me a tough time?’ This child has made even Lord Indra fall down! So, none of us Gods is capable enough to face him.

What do we do now? This arrogant child is crossing his limits now. Now, there’s just one way to tackle this. Tell us, Suryadeva, what is it? The God of death, Yama. Yama? Suryadeva is right, Vasudeva. This child has gone too far. Even our collective powers couldn’t stop him. But now, we need to stop him as soon as possible! Or else, he will make Lord Shiva lose his cool. No ordinary form of punishment can get him under control.

Only Lord Yama’s punishment can do that! No one can dodge the punishment given by Yama. Not even this child! Lord Yama! Please help us. ‘He intends to get me scared with his scary looks!’ ‘But he will never succeed in his designs.’ ‘I am sure my son is feeling hungry, competing for so long..’ Did you see that, child? We have been set free! I will take your life away, child! I will make you pay for this with your life! So, now, you are going to brag about your might! Now, you will tell me just how powerful you are. And you’ll also tell me how you’ll teach me a lesson now.

I am not scared of you! Come on, try your best! You are an indecent child! Do you know who you have dared to mess with? No one can escape from my wrath. No human beings can. Neither can any demon. I take their lives away when it is time for me to do so. I am the God of death, Yama! I will take your life away and make you pay for your mistake! ‘Hey! He has given birth to some dangerous insects’ ‘from his body and is sending them all towards me.

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