Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 11 (6 October 2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 11 (6 October 2020)

October 6, 2020 133 Views

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Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 11 Greetings, Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva! “Hail Lord Ganesh.” “The problem solver, Lord Ganesh.” “Hail Lord Ganesh.” “The problem solver, Lord Ganesh.” Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva! My Lord. Lord, do something now. Look what that boy has done to us. Us too, Lord. That boy has not spared anybody, Lord. He is an unruly boy, Lord. He is also very strong. He defeated all of us alone, Lord. I warned you many times. But none of you paid heed to me.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 11
Vighnaharta Ganesh

Face the outcome now. I will never tolerate the insult of my devotees. Lord Shiva, give an order to your servant, Vasuki. I will go immediately and teach this boy a lesson. I cannot tolerate an unruly child challenging the glory of Lord Shiva. We have drunk the elixir. We are immortal. We will show him the power of the elixir now. Yes. That boy is too proud of his powers. I will destroy him with my power. Gajasur could not face our attacks.

So, how will this ill-mannered boy, face our attacks? Lord, his ego will also be destroyed. Yes, it is better if his ego is destroyed. I think this is what will happen. The. the ego will be destroyed. and my glory will spread. The power of all of you deities is sufficient to defeat that boy. Go quickly and end his ego. It will be destroyed. Everyone’s ego will be destroyed.

Why do I feel that somebody is standing behind me?’ Neither do they stay in peace? nor do they let others be at peace. I sent them back. Now, these deities have come. Fine. Come. Nobody has permission to cross this line. The outcome won’t be good if anybody tries to cross it. Listen, boy! Do you not love your life? Get out of my way. And save yourself. Don’t you understand? Neither will I change my decision nor will I budge from here.

No one can cross this line. Do you even know who I am? I will swallow you! Lord Vasuki! What are you doing? You are crossing all your limits. I will devour you, boy. Lord Vasuki! Stop! Rather he should have stopped before offending Lord Shiva. Vayu, the fate of this child is certain. Lord Vasuki, he is brazen and unruly. Yet he is just a child. We should give him the last chance. Relax, King of serpents. Varun is right. You are right.

But. if he does not listen. even then I will have no other option. What kind of bizarre forms you all have come up with? Firstly, a bull and then a ram and now a giant serpent. Is each one of you going to take the form of animals? This boy didn’t understand yet. He is still being arrogant! I have the remedy for his ego.

Vighnaharta Ganesh episode 11

Lord Vasuki, please calm down. I will make this boy understand. Boy, the person whom you are insulting is the King of serpents, Vasuki. He is the serpent who acted. as a rope to. balance the great mountain, Meru. the churning of the Ocean of Milk. There were our deities. at one end and. demons, at the other end. Then with the help of Lord Vasuki. the churning of the. . The Ocean of Milk. took place.

The ocean blessed us with many gifts. Firstly, a deadly poison was released named ‘Halahala’. Then Lord Indra’s ride, Airavata was released. Next, the divine cow, Kamadhenu. Then we got, Uchhaishravas, the divine horse. The valuable gem, ‘Kaustubha’. The divine tree, ‘Kalpavriksha’. Also, Rambha, Menaka, and other celestial nymphs. Goddess Lakshmi. The very beautiful, Varuni. The moon. The divine flowering tree, ‘Parijat’. The conch.

Dhanvantari, along with Ayurveda and urn of nectar. You have dared to insult Lord Vasuki without whom. the churning of the. Milk of Ocean wouldn’t have been possible. Oh, I see! So, this is what happened during. the churning of the. ocean. Listen, boy. Mine. The intense. the heat of the sun. the intense heat of Lord Agni the prevailing winds from Lord Vayu and the power of Varun, the Lord of water.

You . have no idea how. powerful we all are. Did you see the power of us deities? And yet you are offending us. Offense? I did not offend anyone. With respect to my mother’s order, I just stopped you from entering inside for a while. The offense is when I conquer all of you. The outcome of fighting with us will be dire for you, boy! Rather you should be worried about the consequences. You have displayed your powers.

But do you have the power it takes to fight me? As I’m elder than you in age and experience I advise you to listen to me. And move away from our path. We are deities. We have superpowers. We can use the powers and defeat you, easily. In your imagination! Not in reality. Your powers will be rendered useless in my presence. ‘This child is not going to get convinced.’ ‘We should keep him involved in a game.’ You and I should think of a way out to end this argument.

In which you and I, both shall be satisfied. I told you the story. the churning of the. ocean. With the help of Lord Vasuki, why don’t we do a similar task? Yes. Surely, it is going to be fun. But during the. the churning of the ocean. so many divine things were released. So, what will the winner of this game get? If we deities win the game, you will let us go inside.

Do you really think you all win-win? Impossible! Lord Vasuki, please accept my proposal. He will certainly lose in this game. Lord Shiva’s wait will. come to an end. by putting an end to his obstinacy and He would be able to enter inside. All right. ‘This king of serpents is still’ ‘displaying his anger.’ I should trap him now. I will hold you from the front.

Everyone else can hold him from the tail end and pull him. Is this his silliness or his arrogance? He looks overconfident! Child, I will not be unfair to you in this game that is why, in this game I, Lord Agni will use only one hand. ‘This game will get over in a flash.’ ‘You will not be able to stay in the game’ ‘even for fraction of a second against me.’ Child, shall we begin? Absolutely.

‘Is that so?’ ‘He has not moved from his spot.’ ‘I have to use more strength.’ ‘He will not. be able to compete. with me.’ Well. Did you actually start the game? I did not realize it at all. Let me use my strength now. ‘What is happening?’ ‘How did he drag me?’ Lord Agni, stay at your place I will help you.

Is that all the strength you two have? You are Lord Agni and you claim to char anyone with your power! You are Lord Vayu who can create tornadoes! Boy, I will end this game right away. Let me see if you are the one to end this game or will that person be me! – It is surprising! He is so strong and capable. He is countering both your and my strength together. In fact, he is dragging us. Lord Agni soil your feet firm.

Lord Vayu, are you so delicate? Please apply your full strength! Please use your individual strength! Let us do it. Lord Surya, please do not give orders. Try to handle him yourself. ‘They have’ ‘started arguing amongst themselves.’ ‘This is the right opportunity’ ‘They are unable to defeat a child!’ ‘Moreover, they are blaming one another.’ ‘This way, the child will win.’

Kuber, what are you staring at? Please give us a hand. If it is possible the gold that you are wearing the weight of it might help us! Lord Varun, that would be perfect. Right, it is working. Please try harder. – Try harder. Please try harder! – Try harder. – Please do. We will defeat him.

Vighnaharta Ganesh

How is this possible? I am sure that this child is using some invisible magical powers! We too should use our divine powers. ‘Ouch! My legs are burning.’ ‘However, I will not accept defeat.’ ‘I will do anything’ ‘to keep the promise I made it to my mother.’ Watch what my powers will do now. What happened to your divine powers? If you use your divine powers then I will defeat you with a more supreme power! Well. Where did this ice come from? We are slipping.

Hold it. – What is happening to you all? Please watch your step. My Lord insulting elders turns into a child’s misfortune. By using the boon that You bestowed upon Ganesh why is he insulting other deities? Dear, I agree. This child is turning mean and snobbish due to his powers. And that is not good. My Lord if You. inform all the deities. that this child is Goddess Parvati’s son then this fight would stop automatically.

Dear when Lord Shiva Himself is silent I’m sure. there is a big. the reason behind it. I will not bear this child’s arrogance any more! I will show him what I am made of! Lords, please leave Lord Vasuki. ‘What is this?’ ‘Serpent’s body is getting hotter.’ No matter what you do I will not leave you! The pain is unbearable. Enough now! Enough of all this.

He created a chasm! I can see the netherworld from here. ‘I am Lord of Fire.’ ‘Even If I fall down’ ‘fire would not harm me.’ ‘However, I would not be safe’ ‘from these sharp rocks.’ ‘I would get injured.’ ‘I do not wish to injure them’ ‘However, I will defeat them’ ‘by fighting this battle.

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